Thursday 16 October 2014

New magic ~ Viewer managed market place

Direct Delivery returns but not the magic boxes. At the Third Party Viewer meeting on 10th of this month, linden Labs announced that they would be modifying market place. The changes will take effect for the end user in first quarter 2015. The first beta change for a few merchants could be experienced by end of October and early November, 2014 under the beta testing Aditi (Beta grid). Thee following is the video of the meeting.

What are the changes?

  • The items that are sent through merchant box will not be stored in marketplace any more. 

They will be saved in another panel (yet un-named) in the viewer. This does not mean they will be burden for your inventory. It simply means that the items that are to be on sale for the market place will be saved on a different inventory server to minimize the burden from both the end user/merchants and the developers.

  • In the viewer the marketplace items will have a panel. 

The merchant box will not exist any more. This means that there will be direct delivery available just like magic boxes. All items stored in the panel will be the items up for delivery to customers.

  • What about the no copy objects in the inventory

If your item has no copy permission in the inventory, and you have set it in the marketplace panel, they have a different program all together to keep a count on how many specifically are been given away. But that is the developers work and the merchants do not have to worry.

  • Only listing as item for the market place getting affected during the change.

This means all the other data that are to be filled in to keep the item up for sale like the SKU, price, description, image etc. are to filled in from the web page. Nothing will change in there.

What is the planning when the change is applied?

During the change is applied, all the merchant transactions, i.e., all the marketplace transactions will be put on hold for each merchant. If a merchant has deleted the original item that is put on sale in the marketplace from his/her inventory, then there is no worries. This original objects will be transferred from the market place inventory system to the panel in the viewer in a folder.

The change will be done automatically and everyone will be informed. However, there is an option to manually change it too. Small merchants may try it. The how-to change know how will be soon available in the knowledge base.

Will there be any disagreement if during or after the changes are made?

It may be, however, it is most unlikely. When the project started in January, 2014 a few big merchants were involved in the idea. There is going to be beta testing for not only the big merchants but also the other merchants before the final changes begin to roll out.

For reference on more information you may visit Modem World.

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