Wow I am in tears. It is so beautiful. You have a gift for writing. Debby my real life mother just read it and now understands a bit more what I do. Your article is articulate and informative. You are a great interviewer. Your writing can be understood by all. Communication is the key to life success. I look forward to watching you achieve all you want.
~ Bianca Xavorin

You have some great thought provoking questions and I wanted to find time to give thought to answering them.
Debby the article is great, you did a lot of work on it. Thank you so much for such a wonderful write up.
~Indea Vaher

Debby, you did a wonderful job with this Spotlight Feature. It includes an engaging introduction and interview. Despite the extra question limit, the questions you asked allowed Bea to talk about important topics and add substances that was Interesting. You captured her personality and the great things she is involved in such her achievements as well as her role as an activist against violence towards women . I also liked the question at the end. It was both challenging to her as well as describes her character. Great job! It is in perfect format and approved for publishing. 
~ Lanai Jerrico
(On my first article written to SL Enquirer about the interview with Bea Serendiity. 
Read more here..)

Hi Debby, I just wanted to pass along some positive feedback from a fan who said you, he enjoyed your post and said you were a great writer. I agree
~ Lanai Jerrico

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