Tuesday 14 January 2014

HUD ~ Easy to Understand

One of our dear readers asked the most interesting question.

"What are huds and kits?"

Its been a week since I have working around to explain huds and kits. So, this time I will be talking about HUD or Head Up Display or Heads Up Display

The most simple way to understand a HUD is that it is something like "Google Glasses" in Virtual World. The viewer is the world that you see through your eyes. And the HUD just makes your life easier.

Why is it used?

If you play virtual worlds, you would know that there are some things like the skin, shape, few jewelry that are your favorite and portrays your personality. You would never want to remove them. And there are some things like the clothing; pants, shirt, jacket, skirt, hair (colors) etc that you wish you would not have to take off and  find a new color/ pattern to wear everyday. That is when the texturing HUD helps us, i.e., for customers as well as for the builders. 

What are the uses?

There are various kinds of HUDs specific to their own function. Among the whole lot, a few are:
  • Texturing for clothes,shoes and hair
  • Teleporting 
  • Combat System
  • Using automotive
  • Role Plays 
  • Access to Community
  • Turn pages of Book or Magazine
  • Assist Party Greeters or Organizers
  • Play sound or gesture in local or private chat
  • Play animation

I never knew I had so many HUDs in my Inventory. Word of Caution: Never wear too many or else be ready to face lag. 

The possibilities are innumerable. The above are the broad aspects. Knowingly or unknowingly we wear many HUDs. Like the Bloodlines HUD, Gor HUD, Xcite HUD, Life Sim HUD etc. These days with the introduction of mesh, designers sell their products with texture HUDs. 

What is a HUD?

It is an object that has X, Y and Z axis in the virtual world. But when it is worn by an avatar, it seems like a flat 2D object which can be moved around the screen on X and Y axis and is visible to only that particular person. It is a script that allows the user to function easily without having to search through the overflowing Inventory. 

How to use a HUD?

For a user, its nothing like Rocket Science. Normally, HUDs come with Notecards which explains how to use stuff. However, they are self explanatory.To choose a texture, click on the colors and wait a few moments for it to render (appear). Similarly, to choose a gesture, page, size, height, location etc., just click on your choice to select and let the magic happen.

Can everyone create HUD?

Yes, you can with little bit of scripting or programming knowledge. So, what if you do not know? Either you can hire a Script writer or refer to the LSL script Library for help. The best possible place to look for a script writer is to post it in communities. A script writer may charge around L$ 6,000 for a simple book HUD (full permissions, i.e., copy, modify, transfer)

How can I create HUD?

If you are a script writer its pretty easy. However, I assume since you are reading this, you are not a Pro. I would personally suggest you to refer to LSL Library as I already recommended. Then join the Builders Brewery Group in Second Life as the members are impromptu and very helpful. Better still get classes. Builders Brewery offers free classes. There are other building communities like the Hippo who also provide the same services. Tutorials can be found on YouTube. And do not forget a little more research always helps to get the finishing touch.

A few links to help:
I hope the article was helpful. I have tried my best to simply the concept of HUD in the best possible way. Your views and add-on' are most welcome. You will see more about kits next week on Wednesday, 22nd Jan,2014.

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