Monday 6 January 2014

Shopping Time

Shopping time! Man and woman alike, everyone likes to shop. Frankly, after all that celebrations I am a broke. There are few options to have fun at Shopping in Second Life without loosing a penny.

  • Freebies
  • Lucky Chairs/ Boards
  • Scratch and Win Boards
  • Hunt
  • Group Gifts
Dollarbies and items worth L$10 are also an option. But well, I don't even have that much, so what do I do?

Freebies? No, they are not quality clothes. I am bad at hunts. So, I went out hunting for Group Gifts. Many famous designers offer group gifts which are quality items. Few give out gifts every month. So, why not grab them? Although its past a few days since New Year, but there are few shops in Second Life offering New Year gifts.

The following groups are free to join. At few of these place you will also find hunt items, lucky chairs, scratch and win boards and "Gacha" items.
Here are the landmarks where you will find the Group Joiner and the Group Gifts:

The popular places for both Men and Women are:

Other places (Women )
For Clothing (in alphabetical order):

For Lingerie
Are group gifts for only those who are looking for free stuff? No. It is for everyone. It is a designer's gift for being Brand Loyal.

For Men and Women:
If you want to be updated about various group gifts join the following groups:
  • women stuff
  • men stuff
  • Top Designers
  • * Group Gifts *
  • Fashioncentric -  (fb pageGet the Free Hud
  • The Liason Update group
I hope the blog was informative enough. Lots of places to visit and to have fun while shopping with friends.
Any more info you want to add you are most welcome. There is always room for improvement.
  *There are many more you can always search for them.

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