Saturday 4 January 2014

Out of my mind!

Hello readers,

I am starting a new kind of category called "Scrap n Scribble" . Its kind of a gamble in my blog. The picture is not pretty. And I wanted it to be scrap book kind of thing. Anyways its just the start and there is always room for improvement in the future.

Why Scrap n Scribble? 

There are moments when you cannot express somethings in words. Those moments you feel like to be free and just do what you want. I have such moments when I want to share my thoughts and I want you to see what I feel.

What would you see in future?

My thoughts, my inspirations, real world issues etc. All that I want you to feel the way I do. It will be a journey where we get to know each other.
Each article will have a picture and a paragraph explaining it. Hope you like it.

What is in it for you?

You are free to share, scrap and scribble what ever you like. Yes! you are free to compliment, comment or even criticize.

Out of my mind!

The night does not seem long. The day does not come smiling by. Every 24 hours goes by without leaving its trace. I find myself caged in a prison with chains all over me. Did I do something wrong?

I remember the days when I used to be a top ranked. I knew I would always taste success as if it was only my cup of tea. I was looked up to. When I came in a room, people used to pull down their heads as if to surrender. I was rejoicing in the glamorous light.

Now I stay in a dark room waiting for my days to end. I dream of the those lights and the faces with sparkling eyes around me. The faces I see now want to judge me; for I am nothing but a burden to them. My prison has no doors and yet I cant go out. The chains lay beside me but I still feel chained to the stumps. The expectations that people had are like the ghosts of the past still frowning on me.

With no where to go or hide my face; I wish some angel or Santa would come rescue me. I look in the mirror, horrified with my own presence. "Can I ever be free?", I ask myself.

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