Thursday 16 January 2014

"All I Need"

I am a Daughter. I am a Sister. I am a Wife. I am a Mother.

My duties does not end here.

I am also a Friend. I am also a student, a colleague, a Professional, a Business Woman.

I am Ambitious. I have Dreams. I fly high when I am Successful. And yet my feet are firm on the ground. I Respect all ages, all sexes, all beings. I spread Love, Care, Compassion.

I am the Prototype of Universal Truth. I am the reason You are here. Then why am I lied to? Why am I looked at with an inferior look.

My Strength knows no bounds. I endure pain to give you life. Then why am I hurt in the name of sex?

The day I Stop. The world will collapse in front of your eyes. You will beg at my feet. But I would not give a heed to you. For I shall turn to a Stone.

All I Need is that you Respect me and Love me to prevent the disaster.

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