Thursday 24 March 2016

Memorial Services on Sunday, March 27th, for MaryCarmen Hyandi

Photography Credits: Metaverse

Formal Memorial Service will be held on Sunday March 27th, 2016 at 11:00 am SLT. 

The Metaverse Pagentry family is organizing a memorial and wake for MaryCarmen Hyandi at the Metaverse main theater. Among the many titles, she was also a Miss Metaverse Peru 2013 and Miss Metaverse Venezuela 2014. The main theater would be open to public on March 24th to March 27th, 2016. At the venue, there would be photographs of MaryCarmen from the time she had competed in the Metaverse Pageants and during her reign in her national titles. A guestbook will be placed at the venue that everyone can sign.

Photography Credits: Canary Fashion Models website.

MaryCarmen Hyandi believed in hard work and complete dedication. Her own experienced was one such too. She believed that people who have made their way on this path need to be recognized. Her thoughts and believes can be read here, written by her on October 22nd, 2014.

For this, she interviewed many fashion photographers, designers and models like Shine Messmer [designer-Glitter], Mila Blauvelt [Model/Photographer], Ceci Dover [Singer], Beatriz and owners of Mahasiah Tony Models, Yashi Audion [well known model in Spanish community], Sofia Corleone [designer- Celestine], Lamu Friedman [designer- Lamu], Lolita Paragorn [Model/ Stylist / Blogger], Dahriel [Model/ Photographer], Mely Gibbs[Model] in her website.

The love for fashion and the nature to help, encouraged the creation of Canary Fashion Models Agency. Canary Fashion Models Agency is not just an agency, it helps to co-ordinate events and fashion contests. It is composed of a group of professional models also providing excellent training for the models. To view their fashion shows and competitions you may like to visit their website:

Photography Credits: Canary Fashion Models website.

For all who knew her closely, we convey our deepest condolences, especially to Joseba. She will be remembered in our memories and thoughts.


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