Wednesday 23 March 2016

The Edge Gallery for Fashion and Styling Imagery

Last night, I visited the Edge Gallery, Landmark, where many fashion artists have displayed their work. Few artists have put their art for sale.

A double storied gallery featuring artists like Danity Myrix, Honey Bender, Joanne Vuitton, Miele Tarantal, Tempest Rosca and Wicca Merlin,

Each artistic work portrayed the feelings of each artist. In each of the work, not only the avatar, and their outfit was displayed but also their communication with the environment within virtual world.

The colors, their accessories and their poses spoke bounds. Each had their unique style of viewing through the camera.

Each work came alive with the right use of lighting and shadow setting the mood for each thematic work.

Don't miss the opportunity to view these works. You can also take home a few as the prices of each art is very reasonable. The level of detail in each is of the highest. And each have  the quality to enhance your house or office speaking a bundle about your taste.

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