Thursday 19 November 2015

Safe Night App ~ Everyone deserves a violence-free life

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Website: Safe Night

Safe Night App "is a mobile app that alerts individual donor to fund hotel rooms when local domestic violence shelters are full. Agencies use a web based tool to send a request for emergency funding and donors receive the opportunity to pay via SafeNight." 

With a rating for over 3.8/5, this app is progressing towards making a statement to all the victims that we are there to help. In 2013, the CEO of Caravan Studios, a division of San Francisco Non Profit Tech Soup Global, had an idea and by 2014, it hid the grid providing hotel rooms to the victims to stay safe for a night by its supporters. One could register as a member; select a local organisation to connect with it; and sponsor a hotel stay. Read more about the story on how the idea came into existence in  CBS, At the moment this app is functioning in California, Iowa, Texas and soon in New Jersey. People all over The United States of America are asking for such app in functionality. 

We have more than once talked about violence and various forms of it. The most prevalent is the domestic violence. Females all across the world face such. In many countries, women usually adjust with such behavior of the opposite calling it as tradition or obligation of the society. While in other countries, women step up against such acts. Irrespective of the country you live in, I urge each woman to take a stand for themselves against violence.

It is time that we stand up together for the victim or the survivor.
It is time that we take equality for granted as a societal norm. 
It is time that we criticize against bullying of any form. 

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