Thursday 23 July 2015

Fantasy vs Reality

Who could have imagined about 12 years back that a community of strangers would come forward to help a stranger in the time of need?
Who would have imagined that dolls would have feelings and tell a story in virtual community?
Who could have known that a puppet show would come live thanks to the advancement in computer technology?

Charities like The Lexi Project, Relay For Life, Feed a Smile and others are a true example that there is help somewhere.

Lexi Zelin, (Heather Crawford) one of the residents in Second Life, was recently detected of Stage 3 Cancer. She is 28 years old with a 6 year old daughter, Astrid. She was detected of Hodgkin's Lymphoma on June 30th 2015, after she underwent a surgery on June 23rd. She has been running a successful clothing store, AngelRED Couture in Second Life for the past 5 years with over 7500 customers. 

She entered GoFundMe on July 17th raising $2870 USD by 38 people in the last 5 days till date. She is in need of $12000 USD to fund for her treatement. Thanks to Toxxic Rhiannyr (Haley Crofford) who has helped her in a big way to start The Lexi Project. Over 300 designers have come together to have a shopping event to raise money for the cause. Residents who are not designers have also come forward by either spreading the word out, or raising donations in their own personal way like Sera Bellic setting up a donation box at Lick Sim with a notecard and all donations going to the project.

The Lexi Project will start from 26th July, 2015. During the event, they are also looking for Hosts, Djs and Live Performers. If you want to contribute your skill contact Toxxic Rhiannyr. For the designers, if you have a store or marketplace or want to contribute any of your builds, please fill in the form. The entry for designers is free and each is given a 10 prim slot. 

My Wardrobe Credits
Complete Outfit including Accessories ~ Banshee Spirit ~ BamPu Legacies by Bambi Chique
Hair ~ Hair Fair, Exile Jill (Gift) ~ available till 26th July, 2015

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