Sunday 14 June 2015

Visiting Africa

Africa is the second largest continent with second largest rank in terms of population. It covers 6% of the land mass of Earth surrounded by Mediterranean Sea, Suez Canal, Red Sea, Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. Only continent to stretch from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere crossing over the Equator has vast climatic ranging areas from tropical to sub-arctic. A home to the one of world’s earliest and longest lasting civilizations, the Pharaonic Civilization of the Ancient Egypt in 3300 B.C.  

With such rich cultural heritage, how much does Africa in Second Life showcase. It was worth a visit and exploring more about Africa.

The first impression of Africa in Second Life is amazement paired with information. A club accompanied with a library gives almost all the information to get one started. Among the many books stacked at one end, one that caught my eye was about Queen Neferatari (Queen Nefertiti), whose marriage to Ramesses II is one of the greatest royal love affairs that brought an end to a hundred year war between Nubia and Egypt making it a perfect political conglomeration to two power houses. There are books on Kings and Queens, music, folk songs, folk lore and others. The knowledge imparted does not end to the library; one may find books and notecards at every important landing throughout Africa in Second Life. A detailed history on Candace of MeroĆ«, King Hannibal, King Mansa Musa I (Emperor Moses), Shaka (King of the Zulus), King Prempeh, Nana Yaa Asantewa, King Ramesses II, Amenhotep IV, Taharqa, Queen Nzingha or “Amazon Queen of Matamba”, “Makeda” or “Belkis” are given.

Moving on, to one side are small thatched huts with vendors of many designers selling costumes of Africa. Clothing outfits are in vibrant colors embroidered with Jelabiya like that worn in North eastern Africa. There are outfits are similar to Djellaba, Dashiki garments worn in north western Africa, The designs are with rich proportions of different colors. One may also find various vibrant coloured bandanas or headbands worn by women in Africa.

On the other side of the library are the protected wetlands where one may see the many animals of Africa wandering about. One may also find migratory birds in the dense thicket or on the perch. The area is called Africa Live Terredarmoise where one may walk or relax on the silts of construction like in a typical mangrove swamp in West Africa, Benin Republic. Be ready to find underwater fauna like tortoise, mangrove tress and many migratory birds. The environment is peaceful with the sounds of nature nurturing ones soul.

Alongside is the Africa Green Ekolo with all the real life news and latest updates on initiatives on environmental issues. Detailed information in presented on the RAMSAR Convention on wet lands, uranium pollution, loss of wetlands and the endangered species of wetlands among others. One may also find an interview with Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) who are working along with Trade Foundation (AbTF) to reduce the imbalance in cotton prices. Their main aim is to address with its initiative, working with small holder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa to improve social, economic and ecological living conditions.

The fun with freebies, shopping and information does not end here. There is an Auditorium Ganvie that has various informative videos and movies for free. It is also a place where Open Concerts are held. Events like the Earth Week, Route of Slaves, Black Genies, African poetries Week, Slammers Recital, Peace Train among others are held throughout the year.

Visit Africa Live for a fulfilled experience with exotic music and dance at Grand Popo above sharks, turtles and squids. Look around for the free African art market and art gallery accompanied with various glass sculptures and carvings. Shop for African clothing for formal ethnic groups and don’t forget to relax near the "palaver tree" and read the tales of Mami Wata and other African ancestral stories around the Baobab in the Mangrove forest. Take a boat to visit the lakeside village of Africa today and come home with a big smile after a relaxed vacation.

*Note this article was originally written for SLEnquirer.

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