Monday 23 March 2015

Modelling 101 ~ Part I

You can Cage me but can't cage my Freedom.

This is new series on Modelling and it will be my first time to attempt to try and discuss it. About a few days back, Miss Royalty Organization was taking in applicants for March 2015 Fashion Pageant. I have always admired the way models dress up and expressing their emotions through the art of styling clothes. In the last year, I have started doing the same with this site and opening a new category called "Trends". 
After a lot of thought, at last I could gather my courage to participate in such Fashion Pageant. This week has been very busy with filling forms for the competition. This series would cover my journey as a model from amateur to becoming a pro. This series will also help all those, who can't afford to join a Modelling Agency, but want to take another route to reach there. *Note: The series will not publicize the thoughts and teachings of any Modelling Agency. It is just a 101  from the outside purview.

This last year, I have looked around in blogs of fashion figures like Caoimhe Lionheart, Bea Serendipity and Strawberry Singh, photographers and have tried my best to understand the impact of Fashion in Second Life. One of the well known models, in  the fashion world, Alice Tartaglia, always has a deeper thought to the clothes she wears. Each and every model has a personal taste. Everyone wants to express something deeper and meaningful. Among them, some can express their thoughts and some are with limited resources. 

To participate for Miss Royalty Organization, I had to send a notecard with my details and a face shot. This is the one I chose. Luckily, I got selected for an audition on 28th March, 2015. Wishing my colleagues who will be competing against me, BlackRose808, Mahnola and Sanjaria with lots of luck. The contest occurs monthly, so if you are interested in future, make sure to look at the Facebook Page in the first week of each month. The entry lines are opened on 11th of each month. 

The Face Shot taken for #BareFaceChallenge

By the end of the week, one of my very close friends, Ruby Ornamental, asked for my services in photography to enter Miss Color of Couture - Top Model Competition. While editing her full body shot, something in me stirred and inspired me to give it a try. The form was elaborate with questions and it took me a while to get my thoughts into words.  It first started in 2012 and each year, during March applications are open.  The chosen candidates selected to be auditioned on March 28th, 2015 will be announced on March 23rd. The first picture is the full body shot submitted and the following picture was submitted as the head shot.

My inspiration to this style: for Miss Color of Couture, 2015:

"You can cage me but not cage my freedom". Freedom is experienced when we are one with ourselves. I wanted this outfit to represent the root and the base, that is, Mother Nature. I selected green as it represents growth, stability, one of my core attributes.

My Wardrobe Credits:

For Miss Royalty Organization:
Visit page Bare Face Challenge for full wardrobe credits.

For Miss Color of Couture - Top Modelling Competition:
Cage and Accessories ~ Sweet Mnemosyne ~ Petit Chat
Head piece ~ Wrap Round ~ Petit Chat ~ Fashion for Life, 2015
Necklace at the Back ~ Baubles ~ from the 24 Squared ~ Queen of Vines
Hair ~ Hair Day ~ Heather LFE ~ from the 24 Squared
Outfit ~ Meli Imako ~ Strapless Prom Dress
Shoes ~ MY~ Lace Pumps ~ from the 24 Squared

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