Wednesday 7 May 2014

The Sport Series ~Part IV [Golf]

A game that has a dictionary meaning of being played with clubs, with wooden or metal heads used to hit a small white ball in number of holes, 9 or 18 in succession which are situated at various distance with natural or artificial obstacles. Better still a game known to be played by the wealthier. A game which has been talked about since decades. A game which has defined personalities like Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer and others.

Such a game as Golf is played in Second Life at different locations. One such location is the
Emerald Crystal Golf Course

LittleOneSusan Teardrop, the owner of Emerald Crystal Golf Course has created a scripted field where a player can enjoy in the lush greens of mountains and rivers. When you reach the destination you will be offered a notecard and also a tutorial for first timers.

Where to get a Golf Kit?
Teleport to the Pro or free golf club

Receive the object and wear the golf club. A menu will be displayed and you may choose to follow instructions or skip the tutorial. If its your first time choose "ok". You will also be given a Golf Hud at the same time. Wear the Hud.

*Note: In the screen, I have edited the hud and increased its size. You can choose to do so too. Right click on the HUD > choose edit > press ctrl+shift > and click and drag the white corners. Note that the HUD only moves on X and Y axis, since it is a 2D object.

What does the Golf Hud do?

The hud will show you the putter,  wedge and driver buttons...they all shoot differently...the driver for long shots...the wedge for medium high shots...the putter for the short shots on the greens at the flag poles.

Use the directional arrows on your keyboard to change the direction of the arrow at your feet.

Then click the ground area to see the bars build, showing the force you will hit the ball with. You will see little tick marks show up close to your avi & that tells you how hard you are about to hit the ball (the red bars).

Once you have released the left click, you ball will shot in the direction. You can see the while line marked for the ball's bath. When the ball reaches the green patch, a white arrow will be shown to identify the ball's place.

What are the tips to play the game?

1. Set your graphics to MID and raise draw distance and particles at least half way

2. Enable your voice in preferences, a small white dot appears over your head. align this dot with the pin on the green (the flag post is where the pin is, also called the cup) and your shot will be heading in the right direction.

3. For more finely tuned shot direction. Hold the shift key down while you line up the shot with your arrow,  the increments will be closer and allow your aim to be more precise.

4. Keep an eye on the wind percentage & your particle count in graphics should show you the direction of the wind.

Although many people play around the grid, see if you can get a top score. Other places to Play golf:
Teleport to Aero Golf Club

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