Monday 24 March 2014

A Walk on the road ~ SAVIAD Spring Fair

Spring has come, I do not have an outfit to match the theme. I had been thinking of making one. Alas, due to my other work, I could not find time. I had been hearing about the White Tiger theme for sometime. The SAVIAD Spring Fair had begun on 11th March, 2014 and will end on 31st March, 2014. Solidea Follies, Violator and AD Creations, the three big names in artistic fashion has come together to put up a Fair with exclusive items.

Personally, am not a great fan of fashion. If I need to buy something, I will look into the market place rather than visiting shops and sims in world. I had been looking around and even my inventory would not be of any help. This was the reason that I set forth for a walk in the SAVIAD Spring Fair.

It was a lazy Sunday morning when I started and by the time I had put together an outfit of my choice, it was supper time. I had never thought that the work of a Designer, a Model, a Photographer can be so much tiresome and time consuming.

Other designers have also come forward to make this event one-of-a-kind. Some examples are:

If you are looking for exclusive and artistic fashion and reasonable prices, I suggest grab the offers at the Fair before 31st March, 2014. Although, the SAVIAD shopping district will still remain even after the fair.
The prices of the items start from L$ 50 to L$ 700 range. Considering the quality of work, the range is certainly reasonable.

On the visit, I also found the well known Model Astralia at one of the shops. Here is a quick click that I managed to take. She was looking lovely in her silver gown and a black flower with a string of pearls.

Here is what I put together for the Spring:

What am I wearing?

Skin: LAQ Phoebe
Shape: LAQ Glow shape
Eyes: IKON Sunrise Eyes
Jumpsuit: AMARELO MANGA Jumpsuit Aline Boutique 1 (SAVIAD Spring Fair)
Shoes: AMARELO MANGA Pump (Gacha items) (Mainstore)
Glasses: blackLiquid Spex - TIGER ALLEY (SAVIAD Spring Fair)
Jewelry: JStyle Store

 *Note: A new at photography, however I used the basic technique of Ultra Mode in the graphics settings. For more information on photography visit my blogs Photography I and II.
Exclusive Details of my avatar shape and skin have not been mentioned purposely.

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