Friday 2 May 2014

The Sport Series ~Part III [Motorbike Race]

It was a cloudy morning. I got dressed and made up my mind to try something new. I had been to parks with family where we rode bicycles. I had never tried motorbikes. Last Christmas, one of my friends had gifted a Harley. If you are a shopaholic like me, you would know, that unless you have looked into every corner in the market to get a product, you will never be satisfied. Well, although I had this motorbike, I still went out looking for a bike to quench my thirst.

Teleport to the Store at Turlaccor and Market place.

The store specializes in customized motorbikes.  If you look at the vehicles, you can't say you are not in love with them. The price range starts from L$0 to L$3000. Each product includes, a hud to drive, a fuel tank system, the product itself with 400 odd animations of single poses, cuddles and dance. When you enter, there is a free gift for bikers. A bike called, "Quad", helmet and biker's outfit.  Below is the picture of the free gift.

What I liked in these vehicles?

 Irrespective of the price, the vehicle has many options for speed and control like the turbo system and the engine system, a hud to control the vehicle, a fuel tank and over 400 poses for cuddles and dance with your partner. Whats more it is as low as 30 prims. Unlike others, if this is package, a price of L$500, L$1000 or even L$3000 would be well worth for bikers who are serious.

What other options do I have?

Other than this store, there are many others selling motorbikes in Second Life. The best place to look for them is in the Market Place. You will find motorbikes in your budget and your need. They may or may not be as highly scripted and comprise of easy functions as the store. But, it is worth to have a bike and move around either racing or exploring.

Where can I race?

There are few places, where you can rez your vehicle and ride. Although there are auto-returns available, but, as a good resident, one must always clean up their rezzed items once they are done.
Click on the following are the places to teleport where you can rez your motorbike:

  1. Hippie MC Riding
  2. Crossbones
  3. Mongoose MC
  4. Georgean Test Track
  5. Vehicle Rezzing Area
  6. 19 Motorcycle
  7. Corse GP
  8. Racers Island
That is about it for motorbike racing today. Although, I am bad at handling them, but still am up for a racing challenge anytime. Till next time, have fun racing.

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