Saturday 7 December 2013

A Journey to Self Discovery

Starting with a server in early  February, 2009. with the launch of the grid to public in March, 2009, the founders started a new era of virtual world. At that time it was considered to be just a open sim based MMORPG which eventually transformed itself in being among the top most choices list of virtual worlds. Along with the two founders Elenia Llwellyn and Legion Hienrichs, Tranquillity Dexler joined the forces in March, 2010. Although it is still following the open sim source code (it is still based on open sim) it is trying to move further by being the competitor among the best.

Its said that First experience is the Last experience. InWorldz has taken the saying seriously. They have mentors helping new residents who have just joined virtual worlds at the welcome area. The mentors teach, inform and give objects that would be necessary to kick start an user's experience. As a new comer once you enter the world, you wouldn't want to leave it because the treatment you get and the services you receive will make you come back again and again.

An interview was set up with Tranquility Dexler and The Torch: Entertainment Guide. Morphman DeClaun, COO of The Torch: Entertainment Guide and myself (on behalf of The Torch: Entertainment Guide) asked a few questions.

When asked Tranquility if he could sum up InWorldz in just 2 words, after a lot of thought he came up with "Self Discovery". You would all agree that it is the ultimatum that we all seek. All who are new to computers end up being creators. All who are creators end up being developers. Its about how much far can you push your skills?

End users may have a feeling about the rivalry between InWorldz and Second Life, however, the situation is just on the contrary. they are just content creators turned developers who have been through what we face today. The best thing is we are assured of better experience. there is a lot of doubt among users if the free uploads would be free in future. Tranquility explains how InWorldz is dealing with the huge expenses of storage at the same time giving us a free service. With 21 physical servers and cloud servers the data is being backed up. Are you paying for what is worth? Yes, the major expenses includes developers, employees, volunteers and in world, cloud and physical servers among other things. With a lot of hardware and man head , I guess what they are asking is pretty reasonable.

InWorldz may be in its adolescent stage with just 4 years in its pocket, but trust me as a writer, after the interview and all the research, it has got great potential. Specially because it is the happiness of people that matter most. So roll up your sleeves and keep a look out at The Torch: Entertainment Guide for the detailed content of the interview.

*Read the interview of Tranquility Dexler

Till then keep reading and have fun in your world. Smiles!

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