Wednesday 16 October 2013


In the last few days I have been pulling my hair out. I wanted to take this blog to the next level, as soon as it reaches 1000 views. You would have noticed I have been making changes to the blog. At one point of time I wanted to change the address and to get a full fledged website. But then I decided against it.

I saw many blogs. Went through the most popular ones. Tried to understand the importance of each widget. Then finally I struck up my treasure map. I need a photographer! I put up an in-world employment advertisement. Soon I got a reply. But something was not right. The timezone! How could I forget that? We were in two different time zones with no common time. So how can we collaborate? 

In the mean while, I asked my hubby a favor, if he would like to help me out. Bingo! I know where is my gold now. Mr. Sharma agreed. I have unique ideas for the blog and I also can share with the only person I trust, my best half. 

My dearest readers! Welcome Mr. Abhi Sharma aboard. And stay tuned for "our" upcoming articles. (Smiles) Till then have fun and enjoy both your First and Second Life..

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