Sunday 20 October 2013

Is there any other option - Part III

In the Part - II, I said that I would be dealing with the non-interactive babies. so here goes the Part - III. The wait is over at last.  This is the information that I gathered.

I would list the non-interactive babies first and then talk about them in detail. This list has been taken from the Part - I

  • Prim Baby
  • Honeydew
  • Baby Bundles
  • Kitten Crescendo
  • Googoo Babies

Prim Baby

We start with the most easily found baby, the most basic baby of second life. This baby is the result of on-duty or Allpa male hud and a normal basic female avatar. The baby can be delivered at hospitals like Happy Birthday Clinic, or any other clinic that supports these huds. The baby can be named. It would blink, sleep, drink milk or stop drinking milk. It comes with a hold animation which is activated ones you wear the baby and switch off your animation overrider (Ao). To get the baby, one has to pay the basic delivery fees at the hospital. You will receive only one copy and the object does not have copy or modify permission. It is transferable. But since, it is just one piece, beware with who you share it with.

There are the prim babies that are delivered when you wear their related huds. Furnitures compatible with them are found in the market place. They are:
Baby Bundles

I could not find much information on the above two, i.e., honeydew and baby bundles. If any of the readers find any information, please share it with us.

Kitten Crescendo

Kitten Crescendo sells free babies in the market place. These babies come with copy and transfer permissions. The human babies can be light, tan or dark in complexion. She also sells neko, lycan, elf, vulcan, drow, goblin, orc, vampire, demon, na'vi babies. The babies come with a holding animation and are compatible with mommy AO. They can be named and would make baby sounds when touched.

Googoo Babies

These babies are as low as 14 prims. You can name your babies, hold and cuddle them. They are compatible with the mommy AO. The best thing about this baby is that it has modify and transfer permissions. This means that this baby can be resized just by stretching the textures. Changing clothes can be easily done by just dragging the required textures on the PJ (pajama or baby clothes). The price is over 1000L$ which is reasonable.

In the upcoming blog Part - IV, all the details will be in a table and published in short. This will be done to enable all my readers for a comparative view and decide as per their requirements.

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