Friday 23 January 2015

New Years Comes with Resolutions

Its 20 days up with New Year. Yes, I know I am pretty late, But what they say, its better late than never. And resolutions are to be followed throughout the year, so they are not yet expired. I had collected a few views of friends last year for SL Enquirer. Although, the article couldn't make it to papers due to reasons, I decided to acknowledge them anyways. 

Starting with my this year's resolution, I want to push myself harder and take "4m my Eyes" to the next level. It is only possible with your support, my dear reader. This year I hope to give out a lot of gifts for being a supporter, which means I have to build up my inner creativity.

Here are the views of the other residents:
Alice Tartaglia: Well I honestly don't believe that new year period is the moment to decide goals for the future especially in SL. I try to do the best I can everyday I spend inworld. However if I have to say something, I think I will stop SL romance, it hurts plus I have someone who really love me in real life, and I love him.  I want to try to be only with this guy without online distractions.  Plus I will learn to do meshes this year, I am trying hard with blender and I will win, not sure when still.

Annie Melson: My goal has remained since I first started SL  - to continue to improve myself and my work so that I don't get stagnant. To always challenge myself to keep the motivation alive so that I continue to improve.

Cali Karsin: Last year, my New Year resolution for 2014 was to finally achieve all of my dreams in the publishing world, to set out and fill a niche in the community, to supply for a demand. It seemed impossible, but my New Years resolution was to chase after my dreams and start our very own magazine based on the things we love. I poured my passion into it. I truly believed in it, I sat up late into the night planning for it, gathering the necessary tools to build a foundation. And I built. The walls got higher, the defenses thicker, my confidence grew I watched my business grow around me. We have come so far. So for 2015, my New Year resolution is to simply improve incredibly on what is already about, and to expand. The sky's the limit, and baby, I'm planning on flying high!

Caoimhe Lionheart: For my New Year in Second Life, I hope to rekindle the joy that brought me in world to begin with. To love the tasks I take on and feel none of them are a "job". I hope to fortify the friendships worth keeping and let go of the ones who drain the enjoyment from me. Along the way I hope to embrace the whimsy, stop to take a moment and breathe and in that breath, know, just know deep down in my soul, that in this Second World, life is good.

Indea Vaher: I don't make resolutions any more, however, I 'd like to discover ways to grow in SL through new adventures and developing skills in 2015. I also thin it would be wonderful to re-connect with old well as adding new ones to my sl family, not just people on a list, but those who would be an important part of my Second Life.

Kennice Morrison: Spend more time with family and friends.

Sera Bellic: I have two resolutions this year. One to re-connect with my friends and the other to take LICK to the next level by challenging and pushing myself.

Zahra Singh: Listen to my inner voice more often and indulge myself as much as I can.

My Wardrobe Credits:
Coat ~ Petit Chat exclusive outfit at Urban Legends Fair ~ 22nd Jan to 12 Feb, 2015  urban legends fair 22nd to 12 PC
Shoes ~  Posh Pixels  ~ Akira Bordeaux
Top and Pants ~ Liv Glam ~ marketplace
Head dress ~ Half Deer ~ Dreary Bears Brown
Bag ~ Half Deer ~ Dreary Bears Tote Bag
Hair ~ Excess ~ marketplace

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