Tuesday 23 December 2014

Gifts for this Christmas, 2014 ~ In World

Christmas is the eve of giving. This year, there are many stores who are giving clothes, accessories and furniture to all the residents throughout the week. I have compiled a  list of in world locations to find exclusive gifts.

This is the 3rd year that Petit Chat is sending out gifts till Christmas, so, join the group. The gifts will be in store till 31st December. ~ map

Shanti ~ Henna Garden @10L$ ~ map

Ghee ~ There is a "Twelve Days of Christmas ghee VIP Hunt!" Each day, from Dec 12th to Dec 24th they would have one new gift exclusively for our VIP Group members worth more than 2000L$s, and are only available until Jan 1, 2015, never to be seen again. Take a look at the Ghee Blog for the clues. ~ map

Ghee ~ "Material Girl" and is only available at the GHEE MAIN STORE. It's a very special offer for only 10L$ unitl 27th December ~ map

Gizza Christmas Group Gift for male and female ~ map 

Cosmopolitan Events and Shopping Town ~ Heaps of gifts available ~ map

Death Row Island Gacha ~ map 

The Arcade Gacha ~ It has two christmas trees with many gifts ~ map

Kitty Cats ~ Each day one of the participating designers will give out gifts which will be available till January 5th, 2015. The Kitty Cats creators will also give out special bonus gifts ~ map

Photograph Credits: Love to Decorate Blog

Culprit Furniture ~ They are giving out new pear lights as gifts for subscribers and will be available till the end of the month ~ map

Photograph Credits: Love to Decorate Blog

Tarte ~ It is available to its group members only ~ click for group info

Photograph Credits: Love to Decorate Blog

Trompe L'oeil ~ These beautiful winter trees are available at the main store for anyone to pick up till January 1st, 2015 ~ map 

Yasum Design ~ map

My Wardrobe Credits: 
Hat and Sunglasses ~ Petit Chat Santa Hat and Xmas Sunglasses ~ map
Hair ~ *~* Damselfly *~* Shyanne rigged mesh
Boots ~ {Posh Pixels} Snuggums boots ~ map
Outfit ~ {Posh Pixels}Cozy Jersey Xmas and mesh eternity scarf ~ map
Penguins ~ Ispachi  Cherished Moments at The Arcade ~ map


  1. Another group gift for this Christmas.. Join the Group Glam Affair (30L$) to receive high quality free skins as gifts. The Landmark is http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beauty%20Avatar%20couture/127/124/23

  2. Gabriel is giving group gifts to both male and female. The landmark is http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/GABRIEL/121/174/24
    More info on