Saturday 8 November 2014

Express Yourself ~ Part II

In the Express Yourself ~ Part I, we had an understanding that we tend to hide our real selves from the world. This is true when we start our journey. But is it true when we have friends and family in virtual world? One may argue that it is just role playing, but do we not share everything about our real life with them. The moment that role playing translates to something more close to heart, we tend to show ourselves. Many would agree to this because there are many existing players who have met with virtual world friends either through web cams or face to face in person. So, do we really hide ourselves?

There was a time, I liked to avoid the question on my nationality due to various reasons. But after over 2 years, I am as frank as I can be in real life. I am an Indian and I am proud to be one.

We all start with living a lie, there are exceptions too. Then we end up being our real selves. Its difficult to put on a mask and dream to be some one else for a long time.  The following picture is from the a Facebook page, Second Life Meme, which mocks our thinking and enunciates the diversity between the virtuality and truth.

Photograph credits SecondLifeMemes

Until now it has been possible to reveal only our true characters in the virtual worlds. But, what if, it was possible to reveal your true image, the real life face. A new game development is underway where you can have your real face in a game avatar. It is called Game Yourself. Although it is still in testing stage, it will be released soon, widely to users. This is currently available on Google Play, Android application and the download link to the app is available with invitation only.

The user of the app has the power to have a real life face on a mesh head and upload it to different gaming and virtual portals. If this is successful, it might be a new era in Second Life and other virtual worlds with real life avatars walking around us.

In the next part, I will publish an interview with the developers of Game Yourself with more information.

My Wardrobe Credits:
Jewelry ~ Yak & Yeti
Outfit ~ Shanti ~ map
Hands and Feet ~ SLINK Casual hand and high feet
Skin and Shape ~ LAQ Glow
Place ~ Shekhawati ~ map

Reference link NWN Real face to Sl face

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