Saturday 13 September 2014

Newest from Eyelure

IHey everyone! I’m back for some Eyelure stuff! Click here to teleport to store
Now, I found Eyelure through the marketplace trying to find some good priced clothes for myself. While searching I came across these adorably cute items that just stole my heart. Now their latest release is 7 pairs of skinny jeans and 7 halter tops. Below are pictures of 6 the new items, each halter is paired with its matching jeans. Their price is 99L a top and 99L a pair of jeans.
Pale top and Pale Skinny Jeans

Pink top and Pink Skinny Jeans
White top and Garden Skinny Jeans
So what are you waiting for? Time to grab that wallet and rush over to get the cutest new outfits yet!
Avatar Credits:
Skin: R.icielli Morja Skin/Smokey Eyes [Br Brows] Medium found in Candy Avatar pack
Hair: Elika Essentials from elikatira Inworld Store
Shape: Jada Shape from Nuclear Bambi
Eyes: LAQ Dazzling marine Eyes
Clothing Credits:Clothing is 3 halters and skinny jeans from Eyelure
Mesh feet from R.icielli

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