Friday 27 June 2014

SL11B ~Pod Tours and Guide

I wanted to visit the SL11B, like someone who is new and exploring. With 11 sims to explore and only 2 weeks time, its fairly possible to miss a few. In this article I will talk about the Pod Tours and the Guide, which can help you visit the 11 sims easily. And all will be in the grasp of your hands.

  • Pod Tours
The major attractions which no one wants to miss is the Pod Tours. The specialty of these tours is that it when you sit in them, it guides you through all the exhibits telling you what you will expect. It is more like a guided tour. There are many pod stations and 22 free pods are always available at any time. This means it does not behave like a real life crowded bus or train. The pod tours are divided in two, one would visit the Eastern sims and the other the Western sims, with a 4 minute interval departure at each station. The Eastern sims tour lasts for about 45 minutes while the Western sims tour lasts for about 38 minutes.

One of the station that I visited was at SL11B Pizzazz where there are gift centers too.
Teleporter ~

One of the bloggers of the PR Team, and a good friend blogged about the bucket list visits of SL11B. The following photographs are taken by Bambi Chicque. With her in the snapshot is Owl Dragonash.

In the following picture, if you look closely, you can also see that the pod has turned to a boat and hot air balloons. The snapshot is compiled by Bambi Chicque. Click here to visit her blog.

  • Guide to SL11B Community Celebrations
The second way to visit all sims and know more about them, is to look into the Guide book assembled by the SL11B PR Team. This guide gives an outlook to the builders, the exhibit photographs, the description about each exhibit and the photographer who took it. The best thing about this Guide is that is gives the landmarks to each exhibit.

There are 2 versions available. One is on the web site and the other is in-world.
Click here to get the web version of the Guide
Teleporter to the in-world destinations.
This is also currently available with all the greeters stationed at SL11B. However, if you are looking for a vendor kiosk, you may ask contact Alianna Logan, Bambi Chicque or Debby Sharma. This will be soon be available at the market place too. I will update the link as soon as we have one.

In the next blog, I will talk about the SL11B Hunt . Stay tuned till then and have fun because we are 11!

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