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Behind the scenes ~ The Art of Life with Bianca Xavorin

Art, the creative involvement of people viewing life from a different vantage point. It is to portray the outburst of feelings in an act such as dance or music or on a piece of paper or in capturing the moment. Each piece of art conveys unique meanings to each observer. The beauty amplifies when the two ends of the thread, that is, the creator and observer, are tied firmly.

The virtual worlds enhances the environment of art like the care needed for a plant to grow. Among the few famous artists, Bianca Xavorin is a name often talked about. I had the privilege of knowing her closely. Bianca Xavorin grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia in a very happy home, filled with music, laughter and oodles of love.  She studied at The Philadelphia college of art, Chester County Yellow Springs Studio. Other studies in the arts include 12 years of Piano and extensive study in Dance. She is always up for a challenge in the world of art. You may contact her in world or through the social networking site, called Facebook.

She says, "My goal is to create a picture that captures a subjects soul, tells a story, and emulates a feeling. Creating special sets from scratch is a passion for me. Ripping apart my sim is nothing new to create the perfect atmosphere. By the way, I have a craving for happiness. I hope it is contagious."

Her work of art can be viewed in the links below:
Flicker - Bianca Xavorin
Koinup - Bianca Xavorin

Bianca Xavorin has also been featured at various online magazines. You can view them here:
Rose Art Gallery - November 2013
Rose Art Gallery - December 2013
SL Photography - January Edition

Her upcoming show at the gallery this weekend is themed as "Gods and Warriors". 
From the mists of myth and legend, Bianca Xavorin conjures the spirits of Gods, heroes and warriors and restores them to life. Once more, they tread the earth to perform mighty deeds of power and daring.
Be in awe of the beauty of their weapons, the cunning of their Armour and the birthmarks on their skins. To visit The Gallery Mexico click here to teleport to the second life map.

The first interview that Bianca Xavorin gave can be viewed in the The Spotlight For You ~ Bianca Xavorin Gedenspire Taking the opportunity given by Shammas Maximus, I had he honor to interview Bianca.

Debby: How long have been an artist?

Bianca Xavorin: I have been since around 2012 in Second Life. With my SL work, I would say around 2012. I liked everyone who took pictures, but I did not get into art until Graham Collinson started to teach me. I came here to learn video aka Machinima. Then I realized I needed to learn the basics. Lighting is a very powerful thing. I did not know how to use it.

Debby: Do you think the real life artists draw inspiration from second life or vice versa?

Bianca Xavorin: You know there is something funny with that. There is an unsaid battle in Second Life with artists, real life vs second life. Some real life artists feel what we do is not art. I feel we are all artists. What I learned in real life art school and college is still the base. I use it for my art. So, to answer your question, yes I think the inspiration comes from both worlds. 

Debby: How much exposure or success rate can real life artists have if they portray in virtual worlds?

Bianca Xavorin: I can give you names of those artists, so you can ask them yourself. One such artist is Indea Vaher, wonderful woman. She was the featured artist at The Paris Metro last month. She has a website with her works. Click here.

Debby: Every art tells something. Has there been any work of yours that has been described in a different way other than the way you thought it to be?

Bianca Xavorin: Oh yes, let me find it, it was this morning. oh oops it was in local chat. Anyways, another artist, Boris Twist said my work looks like real life paintings. On facebook there have been some quotes that humble me. I think the biggest one that stays with me is the one Ernie wrote.

"Sometimes you can feel the meaning, the longing, the wistful beauty sought by an artist. At those times you can be sure you are in the presence of truth.  You wish you could express yourself as well. Here is a woman with the courage to reveal her inner being ... and her dreams. Love is here, and the eternal loneliness, too." ~ Ernie Farstrider

"The portraits she creates have such vibrancy and vividness. Lighting just adds to the effect and softens the figures and faces of her subject matter." ~ Lady Victoria Lenoirre - Editor at BOSL Editor in Chief, CEO & Founder at Artech Musings and Writer for UWA and BOSL. at Second Life

 "Bianca's portraiture is deeply emotional. If the eyes are the windows to the soul then the camera is the channel by which we can venture in. In Bianca's capable hands, the camera is ruled with a silken glove." ~ Kylie Angel (kylie.sabra): *The Rose Gallery*  "Optimum Exposure"

"Erotic art is the age-old depiction of the delights of earthly, carnal love. Bianca Xavorin brings a fresh and probing eye to to this celebrated tradition. She goes beyond titillation or reportage to create intimate portraits of a shared fantasy world. Here is an artist showing us what she finds beautiful, tender, and tantalizing." ~ Captain Sir Walter Gedenspire

Debby: Do you showcase your works in any other virtual worlds? If so which are they?

Bianca Xavorin: Yes, Inworldz. There is a little art community there made of brownstones. I joined the community since the Holidays. I was asked to come there. Actually my sister, Lora aka Lyrical helped me get started.

Debby: If an artist is successful in virtual world, how much success do you think they can expect in real world? Have you thought of doing a real life show?

Bianca Xavorin: I have transferred some of my art onto canvas. I have sold some SL prints. There is a web site I am in the process of putting together that other second life artist can use to sell their art. Let me get you the link. Handing you this link to Toy's page. He is the most organized and is opening up gates for second life artists.

Debby: Which other artists are your favorite?

Bianca Xavorin: My idol is Skip Staheli, Toysoldier Thor are the people who have crossed over to both worlds with their art. A great friend and artist, Wheelerwood Oppenwall, we offer support to each other and push to better ourselves.

Debby: Would you like to give us any hint about your future escapades?

Bianca Xavorin: My plans are to move the art into real life. Also I want to get started on Machinima. I use to produce TV in real life and seeing what can be done in second life blows my mind. The artists here are amazing and supportive with each other. Off the record, most of the time I do not put my art up for sale. First it is not what I am here for. And second, I do it  because I love it. I spend over 3 hours painting, it is hard to put a price on that  when people ask me for price sheets. I ask for donations, if I choose to do the shoot. This is because not everyone can afford it. Shamas Maximus was my first client, who commissioned me. He wanted an original that nobody else could have.

Debby: What would you like to tell the young artists and your fans.?

Bianca Xavorin: Windlight, graphic settings are important. But most important is to have fun. I use the Lumipro Camera. I am not sure if you have heard it. When I started using it, my work jumped to another level. Let me show you super fast. I do not use photo studios. I love using the landscapes of  second life.

You can buy the LUMIPro Hud in the market place. The best function is that the photographer gets to control the avatar, even the eyes of the other avatar are straight looking towards the camera. The RGB balls emit light which creates the likely shadow that the photographer is looking for. Along with the wind-light and graphic settings, the photographer may choose to edit a little outside the viewer. The only quotient is that, if you cannot see the shadow without the HUD in your viewer, you will not see the shadow it with HUD too.

Interviewer's take: 
Bianca Xavorin is a humble and friendly person. Her passion can be seen in her works and her down to earth notion of taking challenges. Learning never stops. Her will to push herself towards perfection is an example for us to learn the passion she brings on stage. She says, "My inspiration is my partner Captain Sir Walter Gedenspire. My mentor is Graham Collinson. East Gallery owned by Ernie Farstider gave me my first break and it beats me if I do not create amazing work for him". When asked about her taste and style in art. She replied, "I like to say I am a Protege' of Graham Collinson  but have developed into my own style".

Bianca is the featured artist for next month, June, 2014, for The Paris Metro Show. The show will have opening and closing ceremonies with Live DJs performing at various events during the month. The show honors one artist of second life each month, who have made a difference.

To view her gallery you can visit in world. The following are the links to the second life map: - Gedenspire Gallery - Paris Eiffel - Paris Metro Couture

*Note: The line in italics are the words of Bianca Xavorin - Gedenspire. The lines have been edited to correct the grammar only.  

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