Wednesday 9 April 2014

s | HE | ~ Part 2

It was early in the morning and the sun shone brightly. I whispered to myself, "Today is the day to execute my plan."

My Plan:  Living the life of a MAN for the next 24 hours.

This year to celebrate Man Week, I chose the not so taken route. Although, it was a great idea, I found it difficult to execute all together. I have never played a man before. So, I had decided that for one half I will be a gentleman and the other half I will be a Casanova. I went out for an adventure. It was a great plan. But only a plan.

I got a free avatar and complete outfit from the JStyle Store. The group is free to join and they release at least one new outfit as group gift each week. The group gift contains the full avatar and the complete outfit. Teleporter

As a female, I have always loved beautiful gardens and forests. So, I decided to land in a city. The first that came up in the search was London City with traffic over 7,000.

As soon as I landed, there were two ladies, one offered a friendship as soon as I landed and the other said hi. Good so far. I just never ever thought of pick up lines until now. I asked the most unusual pick up line "Are you waiting for someone?" I regretted it immensely when I did not get an answer. After a long time, when a few other girls started hitting on me. She replied cordially, "No". A gasp of relief. Am sure its not the pick up line that worked. Well, my next question was, "Do you come here often?" She said, "I am a beginner". Being a gentleman that I wanted to portray myself as, I said, "Please excuse me if I am being a little inquisitive". To that there was another moment of silence. The silence grew to be a minute and my answer came with a silent 'no, am not interested.'

Sat there on a bicycle for some time with London City gazing behind me. Wondering if I am playing to cautious. Well, I don't want to hurt anyone. So, its good. Another one came along first to interview me for her homework. She tried to know all about my RL. My story was simple, am a business man from London, living alone, unmarried, my parents and sister are my family and am looking for a soul mate. The interview turned its course when she started counselling me and that I should not be alone. She was sweet and caring. Just where almost all SL relationships start, i.e., being fake. Anyways, its the adventure we are looking for. This one was better. She accepted me as a friend, and a gentleman. Although it was almost a yes, she wanted it slow. Probably, I would have done the same. Its just that I got only few hours more to play the part.

I left London City to visit some club this time with moderate ratings.  Energy club has a traffic of over 26,500 people. I hoped I will have better chances here. I know a few of their staff from my original avatar. I hoped they would not recognize me.
At 2100 hours the places turned out to be empty. Next destination was Ambrosia Dance Club
Very busy place. Some of my friends work here as DJs and hostess. This place is quiet a home to few others. London City was probably easier, where noobs arrived. This place would be difficult where experienced arrived with lot of expectations.  Here we go. I read a lot of profiles. Found someone like me. A person who does not accept friend requests from strangers. Loves to talk and know more before the real deal. And just like to make friends. Now, I know how does men actually go hunting for single women. Good thing is that the profile speaks a lot about a person. It is easy to determine the path to approach.

I started with a cordial greetings. It started with a small talk about favorite clubs, DJs, music and genre. I was playing safe and just to the point of being a friend. Well, I knew my limitations. The more I played safe, the more she was interested. It was like we were meeting in RL. She being the real person. And I being the fake. I think she found the gentleman she was looking for in me. And I knew it was time to leave before I hurt her in any way. I hope there is some gentleman who would really respect her the way she deserves.

My next stop is an escort place. Time to let the Casanova take the charge. Off to Elle Club.
Frankly, I have been to an escort club before neither as a female nor male. Since this is my first time to go out for an adventure in virtual world. I did not want to miss the opportunity to explore the wild.

My first note was a girl dancing with a pole. I knew they will be easier to approach. And mind you I had my limitations. Although I am acting like a Casanova, I still have to maintain my limits with no use of improper words what so ever the situation. As, I gazed at her, she was probably sleeping at the other end of the line. It was late in the night. I sat on the chair opposite to her waiting for a response. She must be tired of the prior buzz in the club. Or may be she had slept. Another girl arrived and two other customers. The other declared she was sick and tired. The customers laughed at her thinking it was just an emote. Hardly, do they consider the feelings of the women. Painfully, its both in RL and SL. Anyways, they work for tips, given that they are every ready. So, its not much of a difficulty for men. But, this particular girl saw my concern as I advised her to retire for the day. She, like other girls, fell for the simple words too. And it was time again to move on. I don't want to hurt a soul.

During the whole day, what I realized was in every Man there is a Gentleman and a Casanova hidden. And every woman, irrespective of their lifestyle, are searching for a gentleman who is a casanova only with her. I met three beautiful and caring ladies throughout the day. All of them had different expectations at the beginning. By the end of my conversation, all of them liked the caring and polite man. This adventure and my conclusions are not to tell the women to beware, neither to tell the men to follow the rules. It is just to say be who you are and respect each other.

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