Tuesday 15 April 2014

Mom's Diary ~ Part III ~ Mommy goes shopping [Meme Challenge]

In my last blog I talked about the various prims and prices of having a zooby baby. Before, I start talking about the reasonable prices of land, there is one thing that almost slipped my mind.  Being a new mom, all my attention went towards my unborn baby and the household stuff. Until our doctor and Mr. Sharma reminded me, I will grow in size. Its shopping time again.

I asked my friends if they knew any good seller selling maternity items. This was the reply that I got.

This time instead of just posting about what I bought, I would welcome you to show off your baby bumps too. Lets have a meme challenge.
The simple Challenge rules are:
  • A short story relating to the picture.
  • A picture and the links to the items you are wearing.
What is my story?

It was just a regular day. I was at home taking an afternoon nap. It was a hot and a humid day. When the clock struck 4 o'clock, lazily I got up from the bed to open the windows. When a gush of wind brushed past me. The skies had turned orange-red. A few feathered clouds floated above. Suddenly my baby gave a kick.
' Yes baby, you are right.',I whispered. 'We go out for a stroll'.
The beautiful sunset was captured in our eyes. It was as though we both could see it together. The soothing music of the waves played behind as we moved together.

Where was I?
LICK Sim Set Design

What I wore?

Sandals with color changer HUD
Dress with color changer HUD
!K&L! Starry Leg Tattoo
!K&L! Glowing Rainbow Nova Necklace
Finesmith Happiness New year gift
T&S Glamour: Hair Valeria Chestnut
LAQ Glow Shape, skin and eyebrows

*Note: The exact details of my avatar have not been mentioned purposefully.

Please mention your blog address for the meme challenge in the comments section. I would love to read them. 

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