Monday 16 December 2013

Letters to Santa ~ Part II *Tracking Santa

In the cold night of 24th December, it was snowing. Sapphire looked out of the window after supper while her mom was making her bed.

Sapphire asked, " Mumma how does Santa know who is a good girl and who is bad?"
Her mom answered," Santa looks at you for the whole year, honey."

Sapphire kept gazing at the stars counting how many good things she had done the whole year. She smiled at herself they were enough for Santa to give her a cute magical doll this year. Then Sapphire asked, " Mumma will Santa come to our house too?" Her mom replied, " Only if you sleep early, dear. Santa always visits children who are fast asleep." Sapphire's mom tucked her in bed and sat beside her to tell a bedtime story. Sapphire was still inquisitive and excited to hear more about Santa. She asked while getting in the bed, " Mumma, has anyone seen Santa? "

We have never seen Santa.  This time with the collaboration of Google Earth and NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) children all over the world with their families can see Santa's position on their web browser or android phones through Google Maps. NORAD has been tracking Santa since 1955. This year even the Asian countries can see Santa. The history of NORAD's Santa Tracker radar is very interesting. It started with a misprint to a digitally advanced app. The amazing thing is there is a Santa beneath every soul. It is definitely a commendable effort put in by the people behind NORAD to give hope to children worldwide

If you want to get the technical know-how. Please follow the links:

For all those like me who want to make it special for your children. Watch the video for more information.

And don't forget to visit the Santa Tracker on December 24th Night Father Christmas' will start his journey from the North Pole. Till then enjoy the special song

*The following images are Updated as on 24th December,2013.

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