Tuesday 26 November 2013


It just started with a blog I was reading. Somebody posted the link on Facebook which increased my inquisitiveness. I am already awed by what I see in virtual worlds. I am amazed at how the developers paint those 3D dreams. So whats next?

Here is the link where it all started.
Next Generation Virtual World

Have you heard of the most talented people coming together to challenge their own line of work? Yes, we often hear that. What I mean to say is the skilled heads have taken up yet another challenge to take a step further to imitate real world. So, is the virtual world just an escape from our reality? Is MMORPG an interactive space or is it taking the gaming experience to a whole new level?

So, what is Virtual Reality (VR)?

Virtually real. Have you seen the movies " The Matrix", "Avatar" ? We are getting close to something like that. No more distractions of real world environment. Minimum use of mouse and keyboards. Move around and do things just by moving with motion sensors. The sensors help in changing your facial expressions while you speak which is very difficult to produce in virtual world. There can be live performers from all over the globe playing live music at the same time and much more.

How far have developers worked it out?

We have google glass and Oculus VR. These developers are working to make a headset kind of thing, once worn, you are invited to a new world where all seems real. As if you can reach out and touch the object like we see the clouds.

Philip Rosadale and his team are making a world High Fidelity that is much more advanced, sensor defined, minimum latency etc. This project is sponsored by True VenturesGoogle VenturesKapor CapitalLinden Lab.

Is there any one else coming up with such projects?

Yes, you can see a glimpse of how treadmills, exercise bikes are used as sensors for moving around in-world. Watch the video Inworldz Inshape to get a look at how it works. You can get more information at the website. Currently there are three forms of moving possible, i.e., walking, running and bike/elliptical.

Is this the future?

Yes. All around the world people love to play games. MMORPGs are at their boom. People don't just like to play games, they also want to interact with others. But, the negativity that exists now is that we have become couch potatoes getting fried in front of the screen. The next generation of gaming will enable us to move around and have fun.

Why not just go out and have fun?

Yes, we can. Nobody is stopping us. But, due to lack of space, time and situation we cannot have fun outside like our fore fathers used to.

How can I be a part?

Are you a developer? You can find jobs @ high fidelity
Are you a gamer? You can contribute at the beginning or the alpha stage. To do this just Sign up. And you will be contacted.

What are the other advantages of VR apart from gaming?

  • Research studies on Astronomy, Living things, Matter etc. 
  • Online classrooms 

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