Friday 22 November 2013

I am She - Part II ~ How can I be a part?

"United we Stand, Divided we Fall."

This month is an outcry for all those women out there who have compromised their freedom. And not only this month, its about the shout that reaches the greater crowd to be aware and respect all women in all forms. In I am She ~ Part I I talked about how women empowerment is taking place in all the countries. In this blog I will talk about how to be a part in making this change.

We are so much tied up with our own lives that it is difficult to do the greater good. So if someone has taken the initiative lets take a part in it. Second Life or any other virtual world is an escape from real life. Any such event to support a cause has to have an entertainment factor too.

There are communities in Second Life that support the cause of Elimination of Violence against Women like
White RibbonBroken Silence. There is also an event going on in Second Life by 2Lei from 18th  to 25th of November,2013.

What is 2Lei?

A collaborative project started in 2010 where some groups come together for the soul purpose to create awareness among the people. Read more..

Events scheduled by 2Lei:

November 22nd -
1.00 PM SLT I.L.A. (work in progress) - 1.30 PM SLT “Kenyan Women portraits: the Future of Africa” - 2.30 PM SLT Viviana Houston Live Concert Bunny Isles for Kenya Monitors for Live streaming at: Pyramid CafĂ© TV HQ and

November 23rd
Fashion events, charity auction - 12.30 PM SLT Violator - 1.30 PM SLT Orage Creations - 2.30 PM SLT Salimar Monitors for Live streaming at: Bunny Isles for Kenya: and

November 24th
1.30 PM SLT “Consciousness of Freedom”, a journey by telling news stories accompanied by slides of photos about the story, interspersed with songs that will be played by a dancer Dubai Jazz- 2.30 PM SLT “FOREVER WOMAN” Multimedia performances for voice and music. SOLO DONNA Monitors for Live streaming at: Bunny Isles for Kenya: and

November 25th
1.30 PM SLT “THE ADDED VALUE“, metaphor for the rebirth of a Woman… SLURL
Monitors for Live streaming at: Bunny Isles for Kenya: and

2Lei 's exposure in other kind of media.
2Lei photographs by Lucia Baldini's fb page
2Lei SL Events on Youtube

No explanation is needed when violence is a cause to ones freedom. We have all seen it. A few among us have faced it too. So, does the awareness help? Yes, it helps for us to prevent from being a victim. It helps us to stand up for others. It helps us to know that if we shout there will be someone's helping hand.

In Italy, Decree Law 93 of August 14, 2013, which is, despite its problems, the first step to combat this “social evil”, lays some important news to protect victims of abuse and domestic violence: importance of the emotional relationship between two people, regardless of cohabitation or marriage, the aggravating circumstance in cases of violence against pregnant women or minors, the irrevocably of the lawsuit in severe cases, removal from home if caught in the act . However, the phenomenon of violence against women is considered mainly a problem of public order rather than social order and above all cultural, despite the ratification of the European Convention on violence against women, adopted in Istanbul May 11, 2011 and ratified by Italy in the month of June 2013.

In India, according to recent news, the first PSU (Public Sector Unit) Bank opened in Mumbai along with six other branches in Bangaluru, Lucknow, Guwahati, Kolkata, Chennai and Ahmedabad for empowering women economically. The bank is called "Bharatiya Mahila Bank" meaning all women's bank. The main aim of this bank is to predominantly serve women from self help group, small business, working women or high net worth individuals (HNIs). By the end of this financial year a total of 25 branches would open in all over country. According to the Prime Minister, Doctor Manmohan Singh, it is just a baby step taken towards women empowerment and a long way lays ahead.

We cannot be ignorant of the fact that developing to developed countries all over the world are taking initiatives to safeguard the freedom of women. However, the reach to each home is a long way to go. Hence, it is necessary for us to raise our voice if we see any kind of compromise or violence against women in our locality. Remaining quiet is to support the violent enemies.

Stand up and Live Free.

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