Tuesday 19 November 2013

Ever Jane

"A lady's imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, and from love to matrimony in a moment."
~ Jane Austen

How many of you have read "Pride and Prejudice" or "Emma"? If not read am sure you have seen the movies that have been produced and re-produced. Almost every club has a Book Club to respect Jane Austen. As we have heard about the other evergreen writers like Shakespeare, Conan Doyle; Jane Austen's work is widely read and discussed. Jane Austen, 41 years old gave us, the world, her great novels during 1811 to 1816.

We have talked about her stories. So, how would you feel if you could experience her world? If you could get back to 1800's? How would you write the novels, letters, poems, prayers etc.walking through her life? Or may be just walk through the life of your favorite character? What if there is a time travel to the past?

Already imagining what it would be like? Then, I have got a good news for you all.  Want a hint? Look into the left side bar. Did you just try it?

The game developers have been working on the various projects for us to see what it was like in the world of Jane Austen. The Game Theorist is a book that can be purchased in amazonbarnes and noblebook depositoryseminary co-op. You can also browse the book in Google books

Ever Jane is a virtual world of Jane Austen based on the book "The Game Theorist" Much like time travel as I said earlier you can download the prototype viewer and log in. Since, it is a prototype, meaning it is still in development stage, there are only 3 female and male avatars each available at this time. Like in a game, there are challenges. The weapon that is used to decrease the reputation of the not-so-liked character is by using words or gossiping around. But beware, when you spread a rumor, if you are caught, your reputation goes down. You can get a trailer view in the download page.

Who is the creator?

Judy L. Tyrer,  3turnproductions, has created this virtual platform for both gaming and non-gaming people. She has worked as a Senior Engineering Manager at Linden Lab on Second Life. She has experience in running servers at scale. She has worked as Lead Engineer for Sony Online Entertainment. She has also worked at Ubisoft as a Network Engineer, rebuilding the networking library for the "Tom Clancy" series to enable server migration.

According to Judy Tyrer, " Its a game to invite and be invited." This place is for the audience as a whole.  Once you log in, you can choose your character with personality traits. In order to improve your status, you would have to choose a trait you are willing to sacrifice. The traits are Happiness, Kindness, Duty, Reputation. 

What can you do?

Have you missed those long hand written letter? Like in the 1800's there are extravagant balls, dinner parties where you can write letters to invite. There are other professions like estate management, farming, fishing. And hobbies like landscaping, sewing, embroidery, card games.  For now, since it is just a prototype, it is mostly based on role playing, i.e. play a character and act it out with other players.

When do we see the real deal?

It would take about two years with adequate funds for the developers to launch Ever Jane.

Do you want to support?

Yes, you can. The prototype and the role plays can be played for 12 more days. The developers need your back up. They have already achieved $50,684 out of $100,000 as their goal. If you like it then please support. The funding period ends on December 2, 2013. And the world has 12 more days online. So hurry!

This is the first letter you receive from Miss Hatch. I was playing the role of  Miss Elizabeth Bennett. You can take any other name. The white patch will direct you how to go about in the world. There is a lot more. Its just the beginning. You may share your experiences in the comments section.

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