Tuesday 1 October 2013

How to get a reasonably good shot?

In my last blog, I raised a topic. How to get a good photograph in Second Life?Few people are natural with it. And the rest struggle to get a good picture. So, I started browsing through the blogs. What I found was that, we can categorize the whole process into four parts:

  1. Technical aspect (computer graphic cards etc. )
  2. Better bandwidth or internet connection
  3. Preference Tab of the viewer
  4. Quality of objects, mesh in the picture
1. Technical aspect

These are the blogs, tutorials on Technical aspect that I went through:

2. Better bandwidth or internet connection

We all know the importance and benefits of a good server in Second Life. Unlike other virtual worlds, Second Life is the best in terms of quality. In the near future, it is expected to grow more. And so will the need for better servers.

3. Preference Tab of the viewer

Photographers or not, all residents of Second Life know that there need to be some editing in settings done to get better quality pictures. Each time of the day can be set to different presets of sky, water etc. Once the windlight settings are changed, we see the difference. What most of us do not know is that what is the right setting. I went through a few blogs to find some. These are:
4. Quality of objects or mesh worn in the frame

This blog talks about the few things that are ignored while taking pictures. Like freezing frames, objects etc. You can go through it.
So, what do we infer after reading all this? Here is what I learnt:
  1. Explore and travel for a relevant and good backdrop. Photo studios are good. But, its always better to get a picture which as close to real as possible.
  2. Get a new pose. Even a simple model pose which is uncommon can do wonders. If you are going to a photo studio, select good poses, instead of the same old.
  3. Everything said, it is important to focus on the avatar rather than the pose or backdrop much (if your objective is to take a full body or head shot). Use your camera controls or the short cut keys ctrl+alt+left click or alt+left click to get the best view.Concentrate on what you want the viewers to see. Do you want to distract them? Or do you want them to see what you intend to show them?
  4. Yes, as mentioned above the graphics, computer technicalities, Photoshop etc are important too. The credibility and efficiency of a photographer increases when he/she learns to edit it better.
Which are the best places to travel for a good background?

Exploring is the best way. However read the following blogs and start off with these few until you get a hang of it.
The destination guide is a good source for all the creative and upcoming areas.

Reading, understanding, blogging is just the theory part. After the inference, its time to experiment. Above I have mentioned a link called "Creating your own windlight settings". I found this one the most interesting. It gives me a free end to try out which I have always been afraid of.

My mind was still struggling behind the fact there is so much to do for a good photograph. Is all important? There are people from all over the world participating in Second Life. If people who do not have good internet speed, what do they do? Can they still be good photographer? Will the viewer crash when the preferences are set to ultra mode? What if the DJ, hosts or club owners want to take pictures? Do they only have to take the noobish pictures or the worse still the grey ones? What if a person is a student or under fixed income and a tight budget who cannot get the computer requirements, what do they do?

So, is only a handful of residents be good photographers? What about the rest of us?

I am from India. Currently I am not staying in a metro or a cosmopolitan state. Second Life is a good escape from real life. What can I do about photography?

I went in to start the experiment. I do not have high graphic card. And am a sufferer of poor internet connection for most of the days. (Whispers.. today being one such day) When I changed my preferences as mentioned above, I started to lag and crashed badly. The next time this is what I did.

Only a little bit changes, and see the result

The next step this is the setting.

Now see the result.


  • Being good at Photoshop is important. Better at it would be awesome.
  • Play with those little scroll bars. Its always good to explore.
At last, do you think this blog helped? Any suggestions are most welcome. (Smiles)

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