Monday 30 September 2013

Having a shot

Giving a break to the line of topics relating to family and babies in second life. I thought of doing something different. I have been following a lot of blogs lately. The bloggers who have made to success are an inspiration. In the process of extensive reading, I discovered that the layout had to changed, i.e, made simple and easy. You can see I have made a few changes. And a few is still left. I guess am slow at it. (smiles..)

Today has been a busy day with a lot of editing and reading. I have been trying to stretch my capabilities. I have been trying to find blogs to syndicate that have the same theme as I do. Only to realize most of them deal with fashion. The residents of second life are enthusiastic about fashion. (whispers.. who is not? sl or rl). So, I decided to give a shot at it. After all, its good to try.

I started with the idea of blogging about the clothing and accessories that I wore today. (whispers.. had to dig my entire closet to find a new mesh one). Getting ready, I went to a photo studio, my hubby Mr. Abhi Sharma took me once. (whispers.. its his favorite). Tried many background images and many model poses . After a lot of thought I fixed one.  Now the picture part. Phew! I have always been bad at it. What do I do? Hire a photographer? Or just try again?

Since, the objective of the blog is "4m my Eyes!", I started on my own. In the preferences tab I increased the graphics to ultra. Now, the network at my place is horrible. With a lot of crash - lag I managed to get one. (whispers ... its not a pro at all, anyways worth the try)

* Image left: image as in from second life 
*Image right: edited in Photoshop

As you can see not much of a difference and needs a lot of work.

What I wore?

Top : "::PM::Guarana Bikini in Pink Halter Top" 
Bottom: "::PM::I Feel Good Pants in Slamon [Mesh]"
Alpha: "::PM::I feel Good Pants Alpha Mask 1+ visible feet"
Make up: from **NOYA**
Shoes: "Ydea- Emma"
Earrings: "::PM::Tribe Earring Gold/Burgundy/Silver"
Ring: "Exquisite Love's Blush Engagement Ring"; "The Blood Bond"
Bangles: "ZC: Suverna bangles"

In the morning I was wondering about a topic. By the end of the blog I got many ideas. I will have to find out how to be perfect at taking photographs in second life and editing them, so that the pictures do not have glitches. Its time to learn and share for those readers who are just like me.

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