Saturday 28 September 2013

Is there any other option?

In the last post I narrowed down to why zoobys are my favorite, which made me think why not others. I should have thought about it first. Well may be I was wearing a blind in front of my eyes. Hence, I thought of extending my research for my readers. It is not possible for everyone to spent the time and energy on it. (Whispers.. I wanted to write about it for my husband as well. I don't want him to think we have to get only the expensive zoobys). Anyways, today is a weekend, a holiday, so I decided to take it a step further.

I started with Google and Second Life wiki. Guess what? There are so many articles with no definite answers. I browsed through almost all. It stuck on me, if i don't find the right, can I make one? Is there any site or article for a tutorial? Many were there. However, I found this one, a little simple and comparatively easier. (whispers.. am a builder in sl too)

Can you create breedables?
Yes, if you have time and energy and the right people to help you out. You can also visit the sl community page for support. One such tutorial is this, that I found on the Second Life wiki Creating breedables. This could aid me to create a baby probably.

After a long search I find "Babies!!!!" in the most obvious place. Silly me! why didn't I look into market place Babies @ Market Place.

I started with listing the types of babies available in Second Life (sl).  Such a huge list. I only mentioned a few.

  • Lyuboff Baby (interactive)
  • Funsies Baby (interactive)
  • Honeydew 
  • Baby Tatu (interactive)
  • Daisy Mesh & CK
  • Baby Bundles
  • Kitten Crescendo (Prim Baby)
  • Sexy Mamas (interactive)
  • Googoo Babies
  • Pooterbilt Baby
  • Spumelogy Studio (wandering baby)
  • Eversoft (interactive)
  • Prim Baby
  • Mun Babies (interactive)
  • Zoobys Baby (interactive)
And more. The adoption centers also have their own line of babies. Such as
 *A baby adopt center- Baby Mania* at marketplace. Again, each type of baby have their own maternity clinics. You many want to visit them for a better look.

The above are the normal human babies. You can find alien, lycan, vampire, furry, pirate, koala, horse babies etc for role playing.

The babies can range from as low as L$ 0 to as high as L$ 5000 (excluding the nursery items needed to make the experience complete)

Having the list which has broadened the view. The next question is which and at what stage. Few information that I could summaries are:
  • For the pregnancy to be awesome for the father-to-be too check this item on the market place by FUNSIES-DYNAMIC-MATERNITY. You can see the growth of the baby minute by minute. It detects the father when he is nearby.
  • The FUNSIES babies grow to limitless age. 
  • Baby Tatu would grow and have all the potential of a real child. Each baby is different from the other in personality as it is monitored by Artificial-Life Module. This baby gives a good experience to the father as well. Like real babies, it would be sick if not taken proper care and need medication. 
  • I have already talked about zooby's babies in my earlier blog post, about zooby's.
Keeping these important points in mind, I started asking myself, what kind of experience are we looking for as a couple? (whispers..The Sharmas) How can I make Mr. Sharma's experience in SL a memorable one?

  1. Mr. Sharma's experience from the growth of the cell to fetus.
  2. Mr. Sharma's experience in bringing up a baby along with mine
  3. The whole experience should be worth the lindens.
I hope we can narrow down our search and come to one. Feel free to post suggestions to us and to the readers.

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