Friday 27 September 2013

Whats next??

My dil(heart) goes hmm hmmm hmmmm! :-)

Rejoicing in the air of love, loving every moment. I was just wondering so whats the next surprise in life going to be? My unconscious mind gave the right answer.. a baby.

Love increases day by day. The graph should never slope down so keep adding incentives, gifts, surprises and moments in life.  Am so happy my love thinks the same. We decided to have a baby soon. With it comes the unimaginable pleasure and the beautiful responsibilities. Being pregnant in Second Life is known to all. (whispers...If you don't, there are many people of opposite sex who would talk about it). The million dollar question is to select the best experience of parenthood. Couples expect to be bonded in an inseparable bond. The experience guarantees the bond.

Having this is mind, I googled through many blogs, sites, wiki etc. I read articles and following are the few worth mentioning.
blog on babytatu
blog on making a family
honeydew babies

The last site "honeydew babies" is static one. However, I wanted to include it because of the pictures of the babies. The best experience I believe would be given by the zoobys. Most of you may be already knowing a lot about them. I wanted to go about doing a research to give hubby the most amazing experience available in Second Life. (whispers... of-course we are taking it to real life. Being a mom and dad in real is being blessed..)

Coming back to the point, there are a number of babies that you will find based on your budget and time. Its all about the experience that the couple is looking for.
There are many options. However I would like to mention a few worth noticeable according to me. You are free to look for more of-course.

The following are in order of best experience to good experience:

  1. zoobys babies
  2. mommy inc babies
  3. tatu babies
  4. honeydew babies
Better the experience you are looking for more linden you have to shred.
Personally I am a big fan of the zoobys due to the following reasons:
  • They are most realistic in features, especially the look
  • They would grow from stage 0 or you can opt in for a baby at stage 24
  • They behave like real life babies
  • We have an option to delay the brain development. Not that it would be liked by any parent. But since it is a virtual mode, you can have longer time to experience parenthood.
  • The universal closet helps a lot, because our inventory is already overflowing. And it is an option to have it. The hud does the same work as well.
  • If you are busy in real life or for some reason you cant log in, the people who are associated to the hud, your partner can take care of the baby.
The negative, its very expensive. But for a better experience its worth it. There are always other options available. Like the tatu baby has come up with a new version called the "lite" which is 900L$ in market place. The babies from mommy inc can be as low as 500L$. 

Like I said, babies come with loving responsibilities. 

I hope the article was helpful and it is completely my opinion. Your views are always welcome. :-)

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