Saturday 28 September 2013

Gratitude to all my followers!

Hello Readers,

I am heartily thankful to all my followers. Because of You, am honored to receive a mail from Mr Anuj Agarwal, the founder of for giving me a premium account for year.

I opened an account and did a study on what is it all about. Look into the following links that I went through.

As I summarize, is a tool for reading material like news or blogs. Its like a one-stop-shop for all the links you like to go through instead of going from site to site reading the latest update. It links external folders which can be shared through email or other social networking site. It is connected to 26 social networking sites. Apart, from this it offers services like tagging, folder organizing, sorting, advanced search filters etc. It is compatible with Android, iOS ranging from the latest devices to the oldest. 

Taking a break for the technological jargon and its advantages, I want to make it simple for my readers. One can get RSS feeds for all the folders. tags, favorites etc. So what is RSS feed? 

I read the following link RSS feed. I had heard about RSS feed, saw it on various pages, but never really understood the purpose. Until feedspot happened and I decided to blog about them. In simple words, RSS feed helps anyone to be updated for the kind of information you are seeking for. The site redirects you to subscribe to RSS feed or create it for your website or blog. Hence, feedspot is a place where you get updated data for the material you are following. 

This is the extent of simplicity I could get, avoiding the jargon. However, your views and suggestions are most welcome as always. 

To all my readers at, thank you so much (smiles), 
To all my readers who haven't tried Feedspot yet, I suggest you to try it out. 

Thanks and Rgards, 
Mrs. Debby Sharma

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