Thursday 7 August 2014

The Three Moon Planet Series ~ Part III

In the last two parts I talked about the essence and the culture of Gor.
The Three Moon Planet Series ~ Part I and Part II. In the last part, it was concluded that the fictional culture somehow finds it establishment from the deep rooted societal mechanisms. This time we would see the existence of such fictional culture in different walks of life.

We all know, that Gor has been taken as the art of life by many role players in Second life. So, I visited the other virtual worlds in search of Gor, like "imvu" and "Inworldz".

A glimpse of Gorean role play in imvu.

Due to the restriction of movement and limited creation ability in imvu, all role players can do is create a room and talk like the days of Gor, i.e, emote as the people of Gor. When I talked to the kajira, Sanaa of the Ukungu village of Gor, I was informed that most Goreans in imvu keep their rooms as a Home Stone, while they roleplay in the true sense in the Active Worlds in the Planet of Gor. Although few residents at imvu have kept the room names as "The Slave Market Exchange" or "Market of Gor", none such trading actually happen due to the limited creation capability of residents. However, there are rooms for frees and panther girls too, where they capture slaves.

Kajira of Gor at imvu

Inworldz is an open source code based another virtual 3D world, like Second Life. Although it is newer than Second Life, it has achieved the popularity and won many hearts with it new advancements in technology (mesh enabled viewer). The culture took its place at Inworldz about more than two years back. The staff at  Inworldz News Network shares the story of Dar Lington and his adventures of Gor. Through the article we come to know that trade exists. When I searched through Inworldz, I found the existence of Gorean Meter, which is used for battles in Second Life. I also came across arenas to practice one's shooting skills. 

To explore Gorean culture one may explore each of the above stated virtual worlds. However, my experience says that Second Life would give a much satisfactory by the book Gorean experience. One may start their journey from the training schools of Gor like Port Talisman which is headed by Master (WLDAngeL01). 

Until the next and the last part, enjoy the books by John Norman.

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