Thursday 3 July 2014

Our Loyal Friends Supports RFL

Our Loyal friends, pets, support Relay for Life for Cancer patients of the American Cancer Society.

Regardless it is Second Life or First Life,i.e., Real Life, our pets are the ones who will shower love and loyalty irrespective of a joyous or a sorrowful event. We often find ourselves talking to our pets on the days when nobody seems to understand us.

This time, the breed-able pets stand up for a cause Relay for Life. The SL Breedables Summer Fair, 2014 has put together a variety of companies. There are fantasy pets like the meeroos, fairies, feenux, gempandas, enchanted bears, ozimals to the real life replica pets like the butterflies, horses, cats, dogs etc.
The following is the exhibitor's list:

  • .:oYo:. Breedable DoDo
  • [Huntress] Inc
  • Aeon Pets
  • Amaretto Ranch Breedables
  • Amazingly Cute Breedables
  • Bands of Cypher
  • Belamie
  • BioBreeds
  • BreedaPets Breedables
  • CannabiSL
  • Champion Horses
  • Charmed Breedable Fashions
  • CritterBreeds
  • Digitize
  • Enchanted Breedables
  • EVO Fairies
  • Fennux Breedables
  • Gempandas
  • Gothic Breedables
  • iHunts Systems
  • J&V Designs
  • KittyCatS!
  • Lost Kitty By FrankenBros. Designs
  • Meera’s Enchanted Bears
  • Meeroos
  • MegaPixs
  • Mossms
  • Mystic Bay Breedables
  • Mythical Utopia Breedables Market
  • Odyssey
  • Ozimals
  • Papillon Breedables
  • Pet Peddlers Breedables
  • Petable Prims
  • Rose Breedables
  • Shamrock Market
  • Sinful Breedable Mossms, Markets and More
  • SkyeLineSteeds
  • Stray Cats Breedable
  • The Farm
  • The ScratchN Post
  • Too Adorable
  • WK Wild Kajaera
  • Xundra’s Little Pet Store
The fair is spread over three sims. 

Teleporters are

The will also be 2 Auctions held. One is the silent auction and the other is the live auction. The Auction will begin with the Silent Auction which will held on July 10th to July 11th, 2014. Major breedables companies selling one-of-a-kind breedable will be sold at the auction and it will be streamed throughout the second life grid.  The highest bid for Silent Auction will be the starting bid for Live Auction. Bidders are needed to pre-register themselves. They will be given a remote location with proxy who will who will ensure that all bids are relayed to the auctioneers.

For more information  visit SL Breedables official website.

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