Sunday 8 June 2014

Sunday Brunch

What's better than a yummy Sunday brunch at parents' home on a scorching afternoon?

The lazy Sunday mornings, when I am too lazy to wake up. When cooking doesn't seem like a pleasure but a task to be done. And I get a call from mother inviting us over for an afternoon brunch with our family. Those Sundays are the best days of the week. However, I have to pull yourself up, take shower and get ready for the family get=together. I get on a loose top with a skirt and tie up my hair with a ribbon. Put on minimal make up with sandals.

When the get-together is over and my parents have retired to their room, I sit on the porch with my partner lazing around. All are tired after the day of fun. My partner suddenly decides to have some fun. Taking out his touch phone from his pocket, he clicks a few snaps. As I look at the snaps I feel, "He thinks you look beautiful. And you know you are all messed up."

What am I wearing?
Dress ~ Meli Imako ~
Shoes ~ Full Perm Wedge Sandals ~
Hair ~ Lovely ButterFly99 ~
Earring ~ Meli Imako ~
Necklace ~ Meli Imako ~
Skin ~ LAQ ~Phoebe 2
Eyebrow~ LAQ Glow Eyebrows
Shape ~ LAQ Glow Shape
Eyes ~IKON Sunrise Eyes
Make up ~ NOYA Designs ~

Where am I?
Place ~ Lick Sim and set Design by Sera Bellic
Pose ~ **Interior addiction** Lazy days chair blue and Expressive Poses - Sofy Free

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