Wednesday 18 June 2014

Back-to-Back Challenge ~ Part I

This time am bringing you Two Challenges Back-to-Back. It may be a bit odd to do it this way.Since we all love to style and take photographs, there are two events running which falls in the category. Best thing is it a contest which you can participate in. They are:
  • Lucky Blackjack Summer Hunt Challenge, and
  • Arcade Gatcha Events Contest

Lucky Blackjack Summer Hunt Challenge

As the name suggests, this is a Bloggers Challenge and a hunt by "ghee". The designers of ghee are the very talented Bea Serendipity and Warm Clarity Jupiter.  The deadline to the contest is 11:59 pm SLT, Saturday, June 21st, 2014.  You can do more than one picture. The judges will be more impressed if you do it at the ghee Landmark. As you can see in the picture below there are lots of varieties from casual to cocktail, all in summery black, white and a bold yellow floral pattern. The challenge is "How will  you wear yours?" 

How to enter?
  1. Visit the landmark, and hunt for the blackjack cards in the shop, following the clues. There would be 21 of such cards, however, you would need just 2 to enter the contest at L$ 10 each.
  2. Create a blog post using at least 2 pieces from the Lucky Blackjack Summer Hunt Collection (including the Summer Essential Sandals for Slink High Feet, which is L$ 149 each or L$ 399 for the fat pack) showing your own style.
  3. Post the main photo and the link to your blog in the description in ghee Flicker Group and name it "ghee Summer Blogger Challenge- your name"
What are winner' wins?

There can be more than one winner who will have the opportunity to have an access to all the new releases and a link to their blog. Also they will have the opportunity to model for the vendors and advertising. A showcase of your talent in the ghee bloggers fashion show which will be held later this year.

You can also look into the other links:

The details?
Pose ~ pose ball placed at ghee
Hair ~ Truth Roxana Night
Hairbase ~ Truth hairbase night
Skin ~ LAQ - Phoebe 2
Eyebrows ~ LAQ Glow Eyebrows
Eyes ~ IKON Sunrise Eyes
Shape ~ LAQ Glow shape
Hands ~ SLINK Avatar Enhancement hands Casual
Feet ~ SLINK Avatar Enhancements High Heel Feet
Outfit ~ ghee Essential Off-shouldered top black ; ghee Essential shorts pattered
Shoes ~ ghee Summer Essential Sandals Yellow
Poker cards ~ Attachment to mouth is a gift from an old friend.

In the Part II of the series, I will write about the Arcade Gatcha Events Contest

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