Wednesday 19 February 2014

InWorldz ~ We are 5

We are five years old. It calls for Grand Celebrations.

Its the fifth birthday for InWorldz and we will celebrate it in the month of April. The celebrations will be over a wide area.

What are events?

The following are the Sim number and their respective events.
  1. Fashion Shows, Runway and Fashion Shops
  2. Other contests like Cake making, Crazy party hat, Crazy vehicle
  3. Contest for Fantasy Builds
  4. Contest for Home Builds
  5. Contest for Business Builds
  6. Oceanscape for Roleplay
  7. Water sim to reduce lag
  8. Water sim to reduce lag
  9. Water sim to reduce lag
  10. Dreamscape, a fantasy landscape
  11. Visual Arts
  12. Water sim to reduce lag
  13. Water sim to reduce lag
  14. Water sim to reduce lag
  15. A world of music, Main stage
  16. Gypsies for Roleplay
  17. Roleplay, the darker side like goth, dragons etc
  18. Roleplay, the lighter side
  19. Tinyville for Roleplay like petites, furries etc
  20. Merchant Mall for non- fashion shops
  21. Adult Community
How to participate?
  • Shops
Contact Keith Monk with notecard and store logo for free shop. Also specify if its fashion or non-fashion shop. First come First served basis.
  • Contests
Sim 3, 4 and 5 are for major builds. To participate residents must be at least 1 year old. Contact Events InWorldz. Each participant can choose one category only. 
For other contests contact Events InWorldz with a notecard.
  • Entertainers
Live Performers and DJs contact Astoria Luminos. The link to the schedule can be found in the picks of the Events Coordinator,  Events InWorldz.
  • Hosts
Contact Midnightrain Glas to book yourself.
  • Visual Arts
Contact Rihannon McKenna to set up your kiosks. Individual and group artists are welcome.
  • Roleplay
Contact Jillian Newie with a notecard specifying which aspect you want to be involved in like builds, scenery, combat, genre etc.
  • Oceanscape
Contact Taika Wirsing with a notecard. 
  • Adult Community
Contact Nickola Martynov with a notecard.
  • Dreamscape
Contact Event Coordinator.
  • Gypsy Camp
Contact Cracker Taggart. You can also perform there.
  • Tinyville
Contact Events Coordinator.
  • Fashion Shows
Contact any of the representatives from the three agencies: Reven Dulce, Martin Glom, Rose Walker.

For more information visit 

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