Saturday 26 October 2013


It was 15th October, 2013 when I got a notice. Its happening! I was invited to the wedding ceremony of a very dear friend Bebeblusky (Bebe). I had known her for over a year now. A few days back she told me that she was engaged to Boone Moonwalk (the groom). It happened to be the same day my husband asked my hand too. We girls love to ask each other about our love stories. I did not want to miss the chance of sharing it with everyone.

Bebe's SL Brother, Comet asked her to help Boone. To show him around and pick some shape, skin and clothes for him. Love doesn't need a reason. The cupid was flying around with an arrow and had struck them too. It followed by a few dates. One day, Bebe asked, " Boone will you be mine forever? " Bebe felt her heart melting and the floor below her feet vanished. Her love was pouring out when Boone said, "Yes!"

There was no looking back since then. Everybody knew the grand ceremony will happen soon. It was only a matter of time now. During the interview, she says, " Well, I thought I would never find love like I have with him. He is one of a kind. A best friend and a lover. He is my heart and soul."

On D-day, at 11:00 PM, family and friends assembled and awaited inside the church. The beautiful venue was prepared by Bebe's family. The bride chose the colors. The guests greeted each other. The groom, (Boone Moonwalk) walked nervously inside the church. He was most eager to see his bride walk through the door. Bebe's  mom Evelushon announced the bride was ready to enter. The church door opened. Bebe's bridesmaids Alexis Morningstar and Starry Ashes entered in lavishing gowns from Monaco, Koko and Memories of Calipygian. At last the bride walked the aisle wearing a beautiful gown from Bliss which she chose.

Beautiful Bride's gown by Bliss; Photograph by DoctorHawk Lord
Everybody looked beautiful but no one could match the beauty of the Bride. She had a glow of love and happiness written all over her face with her elegant white gown shining like the moon. She looked at the groom who was looking at her from the end of the aisle with love in his eyes. As she approached the alter she was given away by her brother Stumple Mesmeriser. By the power vested in the minister, Bebe's friend, Amur Snowpaw, he asked the couple to exchange vows.

The groom vowed, "  Bebe the day we met I knew that I would fall for you. The time has finally come when I know that our love will grow stronger with each passing day and the days go by as though our hearts beat as one. Time and time again I keep falling for you; for you are the one I love for all of time. This life is better when I have you to hold and you be in my arms. For i love you forever."

The bride vowed, " Boone from first time I saw you I fell in love and  now that I got you forever; you will always be my best friend and husband forever in my heart and soul. I love you baby."

The minster announced them as man and wife while they exchanged the rings. After the wedding, the crowd followed the newly married couple to the dancing area. The newly wed couple whispered love to each other while they were dancing their first dance. Later everyone joined the dance floor and congratulated the two.

During the interview, Alexis Morningstar says, "I think the wedding was beautiful and sister Bebe is awesome. She deserved to have a great day. I love her and Boone. I am happy to be a part of their special day."
Starry Ashes says," She is a dear sister with gentle kind and selfless heart. I wish them both a long and happy sl together."
Finally, I asked Boone Moonwalk what he would like to share with us. He said, " You find a good woman,don't let her go because she can change your life." The interview ended with exchange of love between the couple calling each other honey B and booney lovingly..

We send the best wishes to the couple and may they live happily ever after.

Bebe & Boone

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