Friday 4 October 2013

All Hallows Eve ~ The Return of Ghosts of the Dead

One of my friends on Facebook updated her status as "I am decorating my home for Halloween, probably with low prims. Does anyone know where to get it at reasonable prices?"

Halloween is perhaps the oldest spooky and fun tradition celebrated all over the world. It is thought to have been started with the Celtic festival of Samhain. Pope Gregory III designated November 1st as the day to honor all saints and martyrs as the "All Saints Day" and the evening before was called as the "All Hallows Eve". In the month of November, winter used to begin. So, in the olden days, people used to believe that the night before 1st November the beings returned from the dead. (whispers.. it used to mark the beginning of deaths due to cold and damage of crops). So, the people used to light camp fire or later lanterns to ward off the evil forces of nature.

For those who are not much aware of the festivities of Halloween read the following article:
History of Halloween (whispers.. you may also try "Go Wiki!" tab in the right column of the blog)

Since the recent past, Halloween has been a fun festivity where in children dress up as skeletons, zombies and other spooky beings. Children find "trick or treat" as their favorite game.

The count down for Halloween has begun. In Second Life, there are a number of stores and sims gearing up to celebrate the occasion. Answering the question of my friend, Here are the few stores that you may like (all are link to slurl):

 This is a beautiful store, where there are many spooky items to decorate your home. The price is reasonable(L$20 to L$200) and the objects/sculpts are low prim. (1 to 5 prims)

I got this one for our home (uni-prim). Lol! There is an irony in the picture " Our Fairy Tale" vs the "Burnt Halloween Pumpkin"

This is a whole sim wide store. The sculpts are beautiful. Little high on prims than the first one (7prims or more). The prices range from L$ 100 to L$ 500.

The other places to buy Halloween items are:

While looking for good stores, I also found a few places to visit

Halloween for Charity - The following picture will give you the details and explain how charity would be monitored.

In the subsequent blogs I would talk about themed clothing and the best places to get them. Please post your views and ideas in the comment box below. If you liked the blog then share it too! (Smiles..)

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