Wednesday 30 October 2013

All Hallows Eve Part - III ~ Epilepsy Therapy Project

"Scare up your nerve to hit Horrorfest?"

All who use Second Life Viewer would have seen this statement with a slurl a few days back. My husband and I thought to visit the place. I had already mentioned about the place in my list of places for Halloween in Return of ghosts. Since it is Halloween, Mr. Sharma dressed up like a soul reaper and I tried on a snow angel outfit. I had also given a list of places for costumes in Getting ready for 31st October.

It was a dreary night. The cold winds were blowing and creeping up to our bones. We entered the horrifying place. The tall dried trees stood upright in front of us mocking at our fear. There were empty old cemeteries. We could hear the rustle of autumn leaves as we stepped further in the woods. We could hear the ancestral voices. The moon blocked the sun and darkness covered our dreams. The horror spread in our eyes. It is Horrorfest!

Horrorfest is a themed event which is celebrated for a fortnight during the last two weeks of October. Its being celebrated since 2011. It shows the dark side of Second Life. As shown in the photograph, beside the cemeteries there are vendors who display their products. So, is it just a place for shopping? No.

As written in the description in-world, Horrorfest features all sorts of stuff for shopping, hunt. There are DJ events, burlesque dancers etc. There are bloggers associated with the fest. The vendors feature exclusive charity item with all the proceeds going to Epilepsy Therapy Project. Similar fundraising events have been held in Second Life before. Like in February 2011, L$ 166,628 was raised for National Epilepsy Foundation with 25 hours of live music in one weekend. You may read more about the story in CNN report and SLNewspaper. This time the event has raised L$ 700,000 for charity.

Epilepsy is neurological condition which affects the nervous system. It is also known as Seizure Disorder. Seizure are symptoms of something going on in the brain caused by the disturbances of electrical activity of the brain. For more information visit What is Epilepsy.

I am sure you would like to participate too. Visit Horrorfest 2013. The fest will be on till November 8th, 2013. Get your Halloween costumes out of your closet or go shopping to visit  Second Life Destination. You would not want to miss the chance to embrace the dark forces that will entwine into a choir and remind you of the witches, enchanters and dark wizards. The nightmare shall not pass without a trace. If, you have visited, share your dark experience with us.

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