Wednesday 30 April 2014

The Sport Series ~ Part II [CFL]

Look at the picture below, any guess?

Yes, you got that right. It is football. In the Asian countries, this sport is called Rugby. In Second Life, the game is played on a scripted field with eighteen players. The Coalition Football League  is one of the newest and the best Football Leagues. With over 17 teams and cheer leading squads, the experience is nothing less than real.

Where is the place?
Teleport to the ground of Coalition Football League
Teleport to apply for player or cheerleader  position.

Where to get more information?

What is the League all about?

Like the real world Leagues, it hosts Seasons where the Teams are formed and they play against each other. Soon the Season 2 Pre Season is coming up. Which means Teams will be formed now and they will also recruit players and cheerleaders.They are fast growing with 700 active members, 18 signed teams that have 9 to 13 players and 8 to 12 cheerleaders each.

How can I participate?

  • Team Diamondback. To learn more about their recruitment procedure. Click here
  • Team Untamed Lions are also searching for players and cheerleaders (veteran or rookie). Contact Yancy Low, Regan Firelyte or Coach Blackheart Taurus.

What other activities are there?
All CFL owners are encouraged to take part in the Team Store Decorating Contest.
CFL is also looking for sponsors, contact Veronica Vella ( fb page)

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