Monday 28 April 2014

The Sport Series ~Part I [Simboard]

This is the sport series. So, this week you can expect an article every alternate day. I would be choosing one sport each this week. Since, the Man Week continues to the month of May, 2014. I will write about the games that can be played in Second Life. I know it sounds like a game within a game. Well, there are almost 16 types of sports played here. The first sport that hit my search list was Simboarding. I asked around a few men to know their favorite sport, and this was definitely one of them.

Simboard is something like the Boardsport. There are a varieties of sports under Boardsport like water, land, air sand, snow etc. In the same way, Vetox have designed a project, a board that could be easily maneuvered by the gamer and jump to land or sea for Simboarding.

What can a person do?

The highly developed scripts in the board can make a person do front flips, back flips, quad loops, arc grab left or right, wrap forward or back and so much more. The only condition is, the avatar has to wear the minimum scripts possible. Minimum scripts on the avatar will give you a better experience.

Where is the Place?

Where is the Store?

Vetox Market Place

Where to look for more information?

Website : ©2011 Vetox Project.
The Simboard sport is simple and just like a surfing sport.  You can not only ride the waves but also the walls. In Second life, it is a game with simple controls, its got gaming controls of WSAD or the arrow keys for movement. For movements you may look into this chart.

There are two styles: 

  • Combat Style or CS.  The CS Simboard (Combat Style) is specifically designed for any Vetox Simball Arena. It may also be used for simple board riding. 
  • Free Style or FS.  You may find the FS (Free Style) series best suited for freestyle, roaming, and customization.
Vetox Project also comes with a Simball Arena Game which can be played with the Simboard.

How to play the Simball Arena Game?

To start a game of Simball with your CS board:
(1) Rez and stand on a CS Simboard of your choice inside the same parcel as the arena.
(2) Click the Red or Blue panels on the game server to join that team. Your board will change color to your team selection. If it does not, check that your on the correct arena number. Click your simboard to get a menu to change it if necessary.
(3) After all players have joined up, the host must select 'Start Game' on the host menu. If you are the first to click or join the server then you will become the host for that game.

Other Notes:
* A host can click the server without joining the game to keep in control of the server for special events.
* The game ends when the timer reaches 0, or when one team has a point lead higher than the KO limit set by the host.
* If a player falls off their board during a match, such as a computer crash, then they will be unregistered and not able to join that particular game again. This prevents players from 'hot swapping' boards in the middle of play.
* The pause activates when someone 'falls' off their board. This gives the host an option to implement their own rules for their events. The most common rule is that anyone falling off their board is seen as an 'injury' and so the team must continue without them.
* The game can also be paused manually in the host menu. Clicking the Simball logo will give the host this menu.
* When the game is paused, scores can still be made with the current ball in play. But another will not appear until the host continues the game from the host menu.
* Sometimes when a player crashes, the un-register event will not activate and no pause will be given. This can sometimes happen if there is communication lag. However that player will still be unable to rejoin until the round is over.

What is the Game Play?

The basic game-play is simple. Both teams score as many goals as they can with the ball before time runs out. At the same time, both teams use their board powers to attack their opponents, help their teammates, and defend their own goal.


After the game is started by the host, the ball will eventually appear randomly at one of the feeders.
To get the ball simply run into the glowing white feeder with your simboard before anyone else does. Or attempt to take it from others by ramming into them.
The feeders look like small gray circles and are normally located along the arena's center line that divides red and blue sides, however that can change depending on personal arena designs.
When the ball goes out of play either by hitting pegs or scoring a goal, then the ball will appear at one of the feeders after 10 seconds.


Once you have the ball, run to your opponents goal color. So if your on the Red team then you want to hit the Blue colored goal. And Blue attacks the Red goal.


White Peg: Gives full energy refill to nearby boards when hit.
Orange Peg: Takes the ball out of play from either team.
Red Peg: Takes the ball from Blue team only. (These are owned by red team.)
Blue Peg: Takes ball from Red team. (Owned by blue team.)
After the ball goes out of play from a peg or goal, it will reappear at one of the feeders after 10 seconds. Except in the case where a ball carrier falls off their board. In this case the game is paused until the host continues the game.


The ball can be taken from, or passed to others by running into them. There is nothing to prevent a teammate from taking the ball from their own team. This allows any member to choose when a 'pass' is required without any hesitation, so the team can work as one and quickly adapt to high speed situations.


Most boards use some form of energy. Energy is used for high speed warps and other board powers.
When energy is depleted, the simboard will make a 'clank' sound and tell you in chat that your energy is empty. And the energy meter on your board will show empty and be mostly black. Unless lag delays it.


A Warp is used by holding both left and right keys together, then pressing forwards at the same time.
You can build 'warp layers' and travel even faster by tapping forwards a few times while holding left and right.
You will notice a particle wave appear in front of your board when 2 or more layered warps are active.
Layered warps also use more energy from your tank reserves.
The strategy and method for warps can change depending on your board type. Some work better while holding warps for long periods. Others work best with forward key taps to build momentum.


CS Simboard powers are only active while in a game.
To activate your boards power, press E+C (Page-up + Page-down) while your energy is full, or your board indicates your ability is ready.
The board powers will depend on the type of simboard your using.
Team strategy can be developed when members plan ahead and combine certain board types. Some types benefit each other, and others can work together to create crippling attack setups.
Players who happen to be skilled in more than one type will likely be more valued in teams. Such players can switch out their boards between rounds for various team strategies.


Rounds are normally one full game played at 5 to 10 minutes.
Most events hold events using best of 3, best of 5, or eliminations, depending on team and player count.


There are no designated rules for events or leagues. However owners of each arena or league may setup their own rules for special events they host. And some may designate certain board sets, or types, to their particular event.
Outside of that, any board can be used for simple player-hosted games.

Want to play the game?

Visit the Simball Arena

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