Monday 14 April 2014

Mom's Diary ~ Part I

A few months back, I had written few articles on babies, maternity clinics etc.
Real or virtual, being a mom gives the same feelings. It explains a bond with baby's dad. A bond of love that is enjoyed by mom and dad. The whole experience is wonderful because daddy also shares the same happiness or probably more. 

We both wanted to share the experience and love of parenthood. We decided to go through the best experience available in SL. Which meant we go to a doctor and go through proper delivery process. We also decided on getting a Zoobys Baby. Before conceiving, we planned it all. Our doctor was to be Puddin Afterthought, who is also a retired nurse in real life.We consulted her even before we took the package. 

The best involvement of daddy and mommy with the baby is with the help of Pooterbilt Huds. During pregnancy, vitamins, food can be given to mother by daddy too. The baby detects daddy when ever he is near. 

*Note for parents using  the hud. Its best to conceive on Week 3 [3rd RL Day from the day the cycle began], which is the fertile week. The chances are one hundred percent. Also always wear the hud. 

Once you conceive, the next step is to find a maternity Center and buy a package. You can choose on the number of weeks you are pregnant. We chose 6 weeks, which cost us L$975 for single baby from the Maternity Center (Home of Marina Medical Group)

*Note for mothers using the hud. When you wear the hud, join the group. In case of any doubts or in need of assistance, there are doctors to give you free advice. Also note that, you will get notices for anything related to baby shopping, which is sometimes helpful.

The next 6 weeks would be the planning weeks. We also thought of shifting to a bigger place, get a bigger land. My next stop will be the zoobyville to calculate the total prims we will be needing and the total initial cost. Not the recurring costs but the one time investments.

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