Monday 20 January 2014

Like the Wishing Well ~ SL Wishlist

Instead of dropping a coin into the wishing well and hoping your wish will come true. We have got a better opportunity of selecting the products we wish for from the market place. This will give our friends an idea on what to gift us. It was developed and created by "slwishlist" on 1/7/2013

In order to have your own profile wishlists.

  • Teleport to Second Life SL Wishlist terminal 
  • Select "Create account" 
  • You will receive a password in the chat
  • Go to the web page
  • Log in with your second life user name and the password given.
  • You can also change the password after logging in. Other way to change password is to select "Rest Password" at the terminal in-world.

Whats in it for customers?
As, I already said, your friends will know what to gift you on your birthday, rezz day or on other festivities. Something that you can use.

Whats in it for designers?
You will know which are the most popular products. And also know what are the customers looking for.
Designers can also advertise on the SL Wishlist website.

Whats in it for bloggers?
As bloggers we always want to be updated with the recent and most popular releases. 

How can I search for my friends wishlist?

Although, one can browse through newest to oldest accounts and vice versa. Another method is to look through A to Z and vice versa. But I felt none of this was quiet helpful when there are long lists. So, the best way is:

Search for :

Username is the the not the display name of the resident but the name that is in brackets. For example to visit my wishlist type in "" debbyom is my username.

We all have many friends in Second Life. Lets get our wishlist full and tell our friends too at the beginning of the year. When the festive season comes we get laden with gifts of our choices.

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