Saturday 18 January 2014

Join the Team; Make a Difference

"You have Cancer"

Blessed are those who do not have to hear these words in their lifetime. These people are the "Survivors". This is a call to all the Survivors, Caregivers and the people who want to Make A Difference.

Relay For Life (RFL) is an initiative taken by American Cancer Society.

The Second Life Committee for RFL have been been contributing since 2005 with a donation of USD 5,000 raised through events in SL. In 2013, they raised a total of USD 393,000.

If you want to be a part of this great team and want to Make A Difference, then visit Relay for Life of Second Life- Committee. For the year 2014, the volunteering registration ends on 21st January, 2014.
If you could not make it within time, you may join the Relay for Life volunteers group in SL, to get the updates and be a part.

You can get full details on their website, however, I will concise the information.

  • Outreach Division
Skills required:
Google Docs, public speaking, approaching new people, evaluating communities/ groups, ability to use any graphics program.

Mission Education, Sponsorship, Business Partnerships, International Relation, Recruiting.

  • PR & Media Relations Division
Skills Required:
Google Docs, public speaking, approaching new people, writing /proofreading, photography, video/audio recording, ability to use any graphics program, conversant with social media and blogs, organisational skills.

Press Releases, Press Release Distribution, Photography, Video/Audio Recording, Media Partnerships (Broadcasting coordinator), Why I relay, Social Media, Online Content.

  • Internal Support Division
Skills Required:
Google Docs, customer service, public speaking, approaching new people, ability to use any graphics program, organisational skills, ability to delegate tasks, patience, scripting and working with database for technology area.

Team Information Processing, Team Mentoring, Team Coaching, Technology, Awards, Survivors/Caregivers.

  • Events & Design Division
Skills Required:
Google docs, customer service, ability to lead and allocate tasks, team work, create and execute vision, ability to use any graphic design, organisational skills, event planning, building, scripting, sculpting and mesh design.

Special Events, Mega Events Consulting, Event Day Design, Event Day Activities.

*All the skills required in each division is subject to the area you choose.

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