Wednesday 9 October 2013

Is there any other option? Part - II

In the last few days, we (Mrs. and Mr. Sharma) have been trying to decide which baby to buy. Even after writing the blog Is there any other option? Part -I, I felt there was a necessity to find out more. This blog will talk about all the options in detail. So, that at the end of the blog, you can decide what you want. And it should be at the writers discretion.

In this blog I will try to cover all the interactive babies mentioned in Part - I. In the third part I will talk about others.

Before starting the elaborate description, lets talk about the huds first.

  • On-duty is a free male hud  which doesn't need a female hud. Once the female conceives, the baby takes 9 rl days to grown. Where in, each rl day = 1 sl month.  The baby delivered is a prim baby (no copy; no modify). The baby doesn't grow. But, it blinks, sleeps and drinks milk. 
  • A&E conception hud is wore by female, which once wore can be as good as a sl avatar converted to a real person. It is compatible with xcite male hud. The hud gives a free kit of ovulation test, pregnancy and paternity test. The best week to conceive is the 3rd week after the cycle. You can select the number of weeks to be experience pregnancy. You can also change the sl : rl days. And can change your shape according to the stages of pregnancy. The baby need to bought. The hud also provides birthing animation for the mother to give birth anywhere.
  • Mama Allpa's female and male hud work together and are compatible with each other. The female hud is as good as other conception huds. The only difference is, the baby cannot be seen while the mother is pregnant. 
  • PooterBilt mother and father hud is compatible with each other only. The father hud gives the father the freedom to interact with the baby and the mother. The pregnancy weeks can be chosen. Since it is also compatible with doctor and nurse's hud. The delivery experience is exceptionally well. 
Apart from the huds, there are shapes and tummy talkers also available in the market place.

We talk of different types of babies now.
  • PooterBilt Baby

The babies can be named and can be given a race. To breastfeed the baby there is another hud which needs to be bought. The babies health is a must. It needs to be fed, clothed, diapers to be changed, talked to etc. In case the baby is sick, i.e., negative health, there is a need for the doctor and medication. The babies do not grow.

  • Lyuboff Baby

The baby has two different skin tones, light and tan and starts from 2 months. The baby can be named, fed, clothed, bathed. You can change the diaper and the clothes, go for a walk with the stroller. Along with it various bonus items are also given for a better experience. The baby needs to be fed every 2-3 hours and change diaper every 1-2 hours. If the baby is unhealthy, medicines can be given free by doctor or can be bought.
The demerit is that the partner can take care of baby by using the bonus items or by getting his own copy.

Make sure you read the blog How to take care of Lyuboff Babies? for better understanding and experience. However, a toddler has more options and is more interactive. Visit Details about toddler in the market place for more information. The nursery items are comparatively low on prims and reasonably priced.

  • Funsies

The baby is slightly costlier than Lyuboff and so are the nursery items. Like Lyuboff they have their own mother and father hud. The baby grows from birth to limitless age. It can be fed, clothed etc. like other babies. It can play with toys. Each baby has unique characteristics. When the baby is sick the medicines have to be bought. The nursery items have to be compatible with "Funsies Intelligrow". The babies are transferable, so everyone will have an opportunity to enjoy. 
*I could not find if the baby learns to talk as it grows. If someone has any idea, then please comment below the blog. 

  • Baby Tatu

The baby grows from newborn to toddler. Each baby has its own personal traits because of the Artificial - Life Module. When the baby is sick, it needs medicines. The whole package is a little more costlier than Funsies. The baby is 31 prim and the nursery is 46 prim. You can design your own baby's clothes.
Baby Tatu Lite version is also available for those parents who have budget considerations and want to enter the world of Tatu. It is non-transferable baby.You can choose to upgrade to a full version later giving mod and trans rights.

  • Zooby Baby

A zooby baby is a shared experience of both parents and friends. As the baby grows it learns to roll, play, eat, walk etc. It can grow from stage 24 to 48 or from newborn to stage 48. Items created by zoobys react with the babies only. Although there are vitamins available, the babies don't fall sick.

I hope I can wrap the whole thing in the next part, i.e., Part - III, Any comments or questions are most welcome.


  1. quem for comprar o baby da lyuboff .nao compre,eles nao dao um bom suporte ao clinete e quando voce vai ate a loja voce tem apenas 15 segundos para estar la,eles dizem que voce ira receber todos os itens da foto ,porem voce nao os recebe,como por exemplo a piscininha que vem na foto do quarto do bebe,comprei e estou arrependida.obgda pelas dicas

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