Sunday 13 October 2013

All Hallows Eve Part II~Getting ready for 31st Oct

Its Halloween!

Its been around 3 days since I blogged. I am sorry for the delay. There have been weather problems here in India. I have also been searching for a good photographer for my blog. The details will be up on the site in some days.

Well looking forward. Only a few days to go, I am sure everyone is gearing up for the festival. All my readers who are also fashion lovers, I searched the market place for best quality costumes. And yes, you are free to look for some more.

The following are the links to the market place and the lindens needed:

  1. Ghost costume for L$25
  2. Zombie Lady for L$50 
  3. Skull gown for L$99
  4. Killer School Girl for L$100
  5. Halloween for petites for L$19

With the beautiful gowns and outfits we also need shoes. One such pair can be from Webbed ankle boots for L$299 and Accessories too can be bought from the market place.

For best Halloween outfits, if you are looking for stores. Then the following must be visited.

  1. Purple Moon price range below L$500
  2. Gothic Style  for men/women at reasonable price range around L$500
  3. Boudoir High quality with price range around L$1000

In this blog I completely focused on costumes for the All Hallows Eve. Any suggestions are most welcome as always.

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